What’s Up with the Bachelorette So Far?

What’s Up with the Bachelorette So Far?

Not really sure what to make of the new Bachelorette. It’s great that you have (finally) the first African-American female in the program’s history and it’s a true shame that it took roughly a decade (?) to ensure this no-brainer.

The program (thus far) is a guilty pleasure; entertaining in the best way reality TV is known for (salaciousness, men and women salivating over each other, hints at depth) and Rachel Lindsay, the Bachelorette herself, is doing an admirable job of being level-headed and projecting warmth and sufficient empathy to maintain interest.

What do you think of the show so far?

It seems this upcoming episode(s) on 06/26/17 will feature some kind of “explosion” (and no, I’m not going to make a bad joke about what kind of “explosion” we’re likely to see since the show isn’t X-rated at this time). This is great for viewership, and we can only speculate that the “wrestler guy” will somehow “explode” on Lee, who (so far…) is manipulating kindly Kenny like a puppeteer.

Meanwhile, Lee, the master manipulator not only seems to have issued racist (or close to it? I haven’t seen the tweets myself) tweets at some point, but a former Bachelor contestant Leah Block issued comparable tweets.

So, we’re glad to finally have a black Bachelorette, and we’re waiting to see how this “landmark” season unfurls.

Concern Over Blond Beggar Girl Sparks Racism Debate in Mexico

Concern Over Blond Beggar Girl Sparks Racism Debate in Mexico

There have been several articles now about Mexico’s incredible concern over the welfare of a poor blond beggar girl, this when everyone knows Mexico is filled to over-capacity with brown-skinned beggar girls who are easily ignored.

Here’s a link to this article most recently:


Is the concern over the fact that this “sacred” blonde being should have to beg for food like everyone else? Is that she is blond and therefore superior and shouldn’t have to beg or that she’s just sticking out because of that hair color? Is Mexico racist and what does all this say about racism world-wide?


If you want attention, go blonde. If you’re bald, put on a blonde wig.

How to Date a Mexican Woman

How To Date A Mexican Woman

By Melinda Manolo

You will find many single Mexican women around the world and especially in America. This makes it easier for you to meet, date, and possibly even even marry her. However, it may not be easy to date a Mexican woman, especially if you are from a different culture. You must be ready to change some of your beliefs and adopt some of Mexican culture. This will help your relationship work. You also get to understand her beliefs, culture and perception. Here are some tips to help you when dating a Mexican woman.

The first thing that you should do is to look for ways to help you learn and understand Mexican culture. This will help you to understand your girlfriend’s world and know how to treat her. You should understand how each gender is supposed to contribute in a relationship. This will enable you to show the right kind of love and respect to your new girlfriend.

Since Mexican culture values family ties so strongly, you should try to befriend her family if you want to date her. Unlike many other cultures, very few Latina women will consider marrying someone who their family doesn’t approve of. Meeting and impressing family members is essential, but it goes both ways.

It is important for you to observe the Mexican traditions. This will show how much you value your girlfriend. You can do this by celebrating their holidays like El Grito. You can also celebrate Christmas and Valentines Day the way they do in Mexico. All these will make you closer to your girlfriend and make your relationship work smoothly.

It is also good try and learn some Spanish when dating a woman from Mexico. This will show how much you are willing to learn about the girl that you love. You can easily communicate with other Mexicans and especially her family. Being able to speak and understand her native language can go a long way towards avoiding conflict and misunderstandings.

Salsa dance is great part of the Mexican culture and most couples enjoy dancing during the weekends. To help you fit in the relationship, you can learn how to dance it. It is the main entertainment in family’s parties and you have to be part of the dance.

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Article source: http://www.artipot.com/articles/704893/how-to-date-a-mexican-woman.htm

Musica Latina Translates To Big Profits

Musica Latina Translates To Big Profits

By John

Music is something that virtually everyone enjoys. There are lot of variations, forms, and styles. Music has brought people together and has been instrumental in bringing a lot of happiness and joy. Music has also been a wedge between groups and classes of people. It has been the source of conflict between young and old and sometimes between nations. From the very beginning starting with the most simple of music, parents have always believe music was an evil thing and preferred their children not listen to it or least not what their children wanted to listen. As we grow older and age we become the parents and think our children’s music is evil and our children will likewise go through the same thing.

Musical note

Musical note (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eventually when other look back at us they will wonder why we drew such a huge distinction between something so similar.
Among cultures we have similar things occurring. We may dislike other people’s music simply because of political reasons. It does not have to be that way, but our political orientation life experiences and influences keep us from enjoying music from around the world. When there is no such political influence or other subjective reasons, we can and often do enjoy foreign music. When we listen with an open mind often we are persuaded that it is damn good music.

Our distaste for foreign language music such as Latin Music is often because of the language barrier. Sometimes it is because we don’t understand the lyrics that we may choose not to listen to foreign music. With the huge influx of immigrants from Mexico and Latin America, we have been left with a dislike for Latin American music not because it may not be pleasing, but because of the dislike for the huge influx of day laborers on our streets. Until we listen Latin Music or until it is translated for us, we don’t know if we actually like. At first there is a strong reluctance to even consider listening to Latin Music, especially with the anti-immigrant sentiment, but often the music is translated for us and wow ! We may think it is the greatest thing ever. Then you may travel to Mexico, or Columbia, or Puerto Rico and discover that the particular style or sound is pretty generic. All it took was a little effort to translate the lyrics from Spanish to English and there you go -an instant hit from the latest Latin Artist. We then shower them with awards and enrich them with our dollars for bringing us Latin Music that had been around for a long time, but noone had bothered to translate. We even forgive them for being from a Latin American country. Latin music, especially Mexican music has had a profound influence in more recent times. It is mostly because it was brought by immigrants and there a lot of them. As they assimilate they don’t automatically discard their entire culture, but instead they fuse it and before you know the fusion has become our own. The same is true of many things, such as the Pinata, Taquitos, Burritos, and Tamales. The assimilation is not limited to any one particular culture either, we have bagels, pizza, spaghetti, and hiros go back to the founding years and noone would know what any of that is.

A few thousand years from now, archeologists will have a hard time understanding the great nation known as the United States of America. They will have a hard time discerning the difference between American Music and Mexican Music, and Latin Music, and Caribbean Music, and the same will be true of many things that have enriched our nation.

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Article source: http://www.artipot.com/articles/1048532/musica-latina-translates-to-big-profits.htm