Korean Society Struggles to Embrace Multiculturalism

Korean society as a whole, says a new piece by The KoreaHerald/Asia News Network, in a June 19th, 2012 piece, are having a tough time of it when it comes to multiculturalism.

Korean-American model Esther Hwang at an appea...

Korean-American model Esther Hwang at an appearance at Serramonte Center, in Daly City, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia). No! No multiculturalism here!


The article goes into detail about how an American English teacher tried to get kids to participate in a game to get them to get to know each other by passing a ball around. When a Japanese-Korean boy touched the ball,

the other kids refused to touch it and would run to get paper towels if they did touch it.


Other teachers, she said, perceived this boy as “slower” and “less clean,” and told her to butt out, she said in the article.


We’re not sure how bad racism is in Korea, but by the tone and content of this article, it ain’t exactly good, folks; with a huge space for improvement across the board.


Here’s a link to the original piece:


What’s it like to be a black woman in Korea?

Good question!

According to “savedgirl001” and her “Black in Korea” video, racism is very real and a royal pain in the tuchis: