Black “Leaders” Desert Blacks for Illegal Aliens

Black “Leaders” Desert Blacks for Illegal Aliens

Black “Leaders” Desert Blacks for Illegal Aliens.

In this insightful piece by Charles Butler, of, he discusses how our black “leaders” have found it too tempting to resist abadoning black people themselves in favor of seemingly championing the “new” cause of illegal aliens.

Of course everyone needs a bogey man. It unifies the masses behind a military industry complex that is the largest on the entire planet, is probably the greatest single economic power on the planet, probably the United States’ greatest single source of revenue and jobs…so it needs something to “fight” constantly lest it lose revenue.

Illegal Immigrant rights protest in the US/Mex...

Illegal Immigrant rights protest in the US/Mexico border in Tijuana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And the courts need people to lock up, the jails need bodies, and minimum wage factories/restaurants/retail outlets need young people without criticial reasoning (or evidence thereof) to put to work under their repressive conditions.

And, in a rambling way, this leads to illegal aliens, who (as we all know) keep the giant border patrol/border imprisonment/illegal alien employment network system humming right along.

Brother Butler is dead-on and certainly in the right to have the major cahones to address what to many is painfully obvious. Not only are the black “leaders” flying to the topic of illegal immigration in droves, but they’re championing (or trying to) a cause that is patently ridiculous in that they claim they cannot possibly stop persecuting illegal aliens or border crossing but by the same token cannot do anything to prevent it because too many businesses like access to virtually free labor. It’s a “Catch 22” business can’t resist taking advantage of, and one politicians can’t resist taking advantage of either, because no matter what they say or do, there’s no endgame in sight and they know it.

Immigration Fuels Canada’s Multicultural Growth as a Nation

Immigration Fuels Canada’s Multi-Cultural Growth As A Nation

Immigration Fuels Canada’s Multi-Cultural Growth As A Nation by nathayt8ke
Immigration, the doorway of individuals into a country for the aim of settling there, has at all times performed a central role in Canada’s history. In comparison to many other nations, immigration into Canada has typically been viewed as being a lot easier than in other countries. Canada as complete appears to be a good place for immigrants to gain naturalization. Since Canada is a comparatively new country, the objective of Canadian officers for some time was to infuse the land with many alternative cultures and peoples, and its lenient immigration process played a key function in this.

Thus far, this technique has worked as Canada has a really diverse group of ethnicities, together with 200 ethnic groups total, of which 34 ethnic teams boast a minimum of 100 thousand members each. Of those 34 groups, 10 have over 1,000,000 people, or 13.4% of the population. In response to the 2001 census, the breakdown was Chinese language(3.5% of the population), South Asian (3.1%), Black (2.2%), and Filipino (

The shield from the Coat of arms of Canada. Th...

The shield from the Coat of arms of Canada. The shield was created by a Royal Warrant in 1921, thus out of Canadian Copyright. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As one can see, Canada is a truly multicultural nation that cannot truly hint their heritage to just one cultural background, race. Every present crop of Canadians can hint their heritage to someone that wasn’t a real Canadian national. The entire country is constructed upon immigrants. Because of centuries of immigration, Canadians are a really multicultural and diverse group of people. Though the progress was optimistic for many years, attitudes towards immigration are altering, and restrictions are beginning to be positioned on who may enter the country.

Principally, immigrants even have higher ranges of educational attainment than folks born in Canada. Yet, in virtually each urban region, a far greater proportion of recent immigrants had been employed in jobs with decrease skill requirements, than the jobs held by Canadian-born citizens. The extent of equality has yet to permeate into on a regular basis society.

Though most immigrants are happy to be in Canada, most nonetheless have difficulties finding ample jobs, and coping with the language barrier. The vast majority of folks immigrating into Canada remain optimistic about their resolution to return into Canada, in gentle of the better normal of living. They’re extremely pleased with an increased high quality of life, general peace and happiness, and the chance to supply their families a brighter future with extra hope for success.

According to Wikipedia, in 2001, there were 250,640 immigrants into Canada. These elevated numbers are the explanation that Canada has the best per capita immigration price within the world. At no time has immigration played a higher position in Canadian historical past than throughout the twentieth century. The truth is, without the immigrants who have settled in all areas of the country since the turn of the century, Canada would not be the culturally wealthy, prosperous, and progressive nation that it’s today.

So much so is the lure to gain entry into Canada that folks typically take extreme measures, even when these measures are in opposition to the law. Illegal immigration into Canada is one problem that is deeply affecting this country. So big is the issue that not too long ago, police found Chinese language immigrants being illegally smuggled into Canada inside shipping crates at a Vancouver, British Columbia port. Such incidents go to focus on the measures and dangers that some immigrants are prepared to take to get into Canada. There is a rising enterprise of making an attempt to smuggle immigrants into the country, many of which are hoping to achieve political asylum. Unfortunately, the fate of most of these unlawful immigrants is normally deportation. For many of the illegal immigrants, their solely choice is to prove to Canadian officials that they need to be protected underneath refugee standing, and most illegal immigrants typically apply to be granted refugee standing when they are captured.

The truth is, an estimated 18 million Chinese look to immigrate out of the China, and they’ll take any risk to realize this goal. A majority of those unlawful immigrants come from China’s eastern coastal province of Fujian and most flock towards Canada and the United States. As soon as in Canada, most of the unlawful Chinese immigrants can disappear into a large underground community, the place they need to work to pay off their indentured servitude to the smugglers. This Chinese language smuggling system is a $10 billion business.

Annually, approximately 600 unlawful Chinese language immigrants arrive on Canada’s west coast searching for refugee standing by legal channels, after having promised smugglers $60,000 per person to get them into the country.

For unlawful immigrants migrating to Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia is a well-liked destination. Vancouver’s metro area is home to more than two million residents, and the excessive population makes it very straightforward for unlawful immigrants to mix into the setting unseen and unnoticed.

For legal immigrants, Vancouver can be a popular destination, because a number of main publications persistently price Vancouver as one of many three most livable cities within the world.

The massive waves of immigrants which have entered Canada over the past couple centuries have helped the nation develop a way more multi-ethnic outlook and a much richer and more vibrant culture. Going ahead, it’s expected that immigrants will proceed to play a vital part in influencing Canada’s social, economic, and political culture.

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Article Source: Immigration Fuels Canada’s Multi-Cultural Growth As A Nation

Magazine Apologizes to Morrissey Over “Racism” Slur

According to a June 13th, 2012 piece from The Chicago Tribute (and apparently Reuters news wire service), music magazine NME has officially apologized to singer Morrissey for a 2007 article in which the former lead singer for the musical group the Smithswas interviewed for a story entitled “Morrissey: Big Mouth Strikes Again.”


Morrissey (Photo credit: Man Alive!). What did he really mean in the first place?


In that article, Morrissey discussed immigration in Britain, where he was quoted as saying “With the issue of immigration, it’s very difficult because, although I don’t have anything against people from other countries, the higher the influx into England, the more the British identity disappears.”


The article does not clarify whether or not Morrissey actually said these words or if he was somehow misquoted.


A statement issued by NME magazine, which is quoted in the article, says in part “we have said sorry to Morrissey for any misunderstanding that may have arisen.”


So, what I’d ask Morrissey, is if he isn’t anti-immigrant what exactly did he mean and how was whatever he actually did say misquoted or misappropriated?


Here’s a link to the piece: