Multicultural Millennial Mindset: Transactional or Transformational | Business 2 Community

Multicultural Millennial Mindset: Transactional or Transformational | Business 2 Community.

Here’s an interesting article I found that looks at interracial and multicultural individuals from the long-term business perspective.

Obviously regardless of indifference (probably the greatest force), businesses will have no choice but to integrate more as the face of society as a whole darkens.

Opinions on this piece?

Multiculturalism grant

Multiculturalism grant (Photo credit: BC Gov Photos)

Black Female Meteorologist Rhonda Lee Fired for Explaining Black Hair

According to this story – here– a meteorologist was fired for defending her choice to have short hair.

The television meteorologist in q

Al Roker, American television meteorologist

Al Roker, American television meteorologist (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Non-threatening, dull as watching paint dry Al Roker is standing in for a decent photo of TV meteorologist Rhonda Lee.

uestion, attractive African-American woman Rhonda A. Lee, should not have responded to the critique of her short hair and should not have dared to defend her choice online, it appears the television station is representing – since the station, her television employer, fired her immediately thereafter and did so citing her “inappropriate” use of social media.


In this day and age where employers can pretty much do whatever they please, where “right to work” states are popping up across the nation despite protests to the contrary, is this fair?


Can employers fire you for defending yourself? Is this “improper” use of social media? Was this woman fired for simply having “black hair” and not wanting to trifle with wigs and “anti-nappy” lotions and potions? Doesn’t a black woman have the right to have her hair any way she wants?

Personally, I think the action is ridiculous and flies in the face of simple logic; and now the station itself has gotten much more negative attention (much of it deservingly so) for acting in such a paralogical and bizarre manner while attempting to crack down on its television employees.


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How Racist Are You?

We hear it all the time: “I’m not racist.”

Some people will say “I’m not racist. I can’t be racist because I have a black friend or co-worker.” And they may really mean it. But before someone can know whether or not they’re racist, they have to be able to define just exactly what it means to them to be racist. Does being a racist necessarily mean that you call people of minority groups unfair epithets? Does it mean that you unconsciously pre-judge people based on factors beyond their control, such as color of skin or accent or place of birth?

Is this racist?

Is this racist soda? It sure as heck could be perceived as that.

Most people, whether they want to admit it or not, are racist in one way or another. They may have a preference that goes unstated. They may have dating preferences or socialization preferences, things they’re not even aware they’re doing to shut others out of their lives or sphere of influence.

Personally, I’ve always been fascinated with the way people (even animals) behave without knowing why they do or feel as they do. We know humans can be hypnotized, directed and manipulated by media programming and marketing (there’s a science to it worth billions). In the current onslaught of political campaign ads we are forced to see daily, we’re bombarded with subliminal programming – from how a candidate is positioned or holding a pointing finger.


Well, I recently stumbled upon this strange website link from the geniuses at Harvard, that seems to test bias on multiple levels.

I haven’t had time to take one of the tests all the way through, or attempt to contact whoever put these tests together, but here is the link. Let us know if you take a test and find out more.

Here’s the link: Project Implicit

Just click on the link, choose “Demonstration” and away you go. What do your results say about you?