Are Black women giving up on Black men?

Are black women giving up on black men?

Not from what I can see, or from the simple statistics that would seem to communicate an actual reverse trend: more black men are dating white women then they are black women. But anyway, here’s the link to an article by the folks at the New Pittsburgh Courier Online asking the question.

Black Woman Exhibitor At Push Expo, An Annual Exhibit Of Black Talent, Black Products And Black Education In Chicago, 10/1973

How to Date White Men

How to Date White Men

Just a brief note that a recently-submitted piece sent to WikiHow was approved, called “How to Date White Men if You Are a Black Woman.”


Um….yes ma’am.

To many this seems like a no-brainer, but for some out there, it isn’t. Here’s a link to the piece.

No Brainer News: Complexity of black women’s lives lacking in mainstream media

No Brainer News: Complexity of black women’s lives lacking in mainstream media

According to a panel of “experts” on Melissa Harris-Perry’s MSNBC and the resultant article on the MSNBC site program black women are underrepresented in mainstream American media!

This is obviously no shocker to black women, anyone who celebrates diversity or is in an interracial marriage of any sort or simply has their eyes wide enough open to see differences between everyday life and what is plastered across the cathode tube by mainstream American, corporate-owned media.

Yes, it’s great to see Kerry Washington’s star to continue to rise and see her on Vanity Fair magazine (the first black woman to be on its cover in eight years according to the piece).

Kerry Washington at Hollywood Life Magazine’s ...

Kerry Washington at Hollywood Life Magazine’s 7th Annual Breakthrough Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But again, rather than just reconize the issue, will these educated black women in positions of influence do anything to counter the trend? Not if they want to keep working. Or they can mention it, as they do in the article, say how sad the lack of diversity is, and then move on to the next pitiful subject.

At any rate, it’s an interesting article and the videos embedded in it are mildly entertaining and enlightening – so here’s the link one more time – here.

Mailbag: No disrespect, but another assistant who’s a black woman could coach at Washington | Women’s Hoops | Seattle Times

Mailbag: No disrespect, but another assistant who’s a black woman could coach at Washington | Women’s Hoops | Seattle Times.

I’m not current on women’s basketball, although I’m sure I’d like it if I watched a game.

Based on what this article states it seems entirely reasonable to make Jayda’s point that just because a sista couldn’t (or didn’t, for whatever reason) do the job previously up to expectations, it’s shallow and ultimately racist to conclude that based on what black woman’s job performance we don’t want to consider hiring another black woman for the same job again.

interracial, interrace, black women

Just a woman as a woman.

One has nothing to do with the other, just as one black woman is not the same as another you’d find somewhere else. Grouping people together by how they look and their physical phenotype is racism.

Black Woman Pretends to Be White, Job Offers Skyrocket!

Interesting and very revealing.

It’s a sad statement on our society that a black woman who can’t get a decent job offer has to pretend to be white in order to be judged fairly…but for anyone stating that discrimination is still not a strong factor, think again!

interracial, black women, racism

She may be qualified and attractive but she ain’t getting the job. But we’re not racist.

It works across the board: black women being denied jobs on the basis of their ethnicity or racial identification is, unfortunately, nothing new.

How do you combat it? it depends. What are some strategies used? I’d love to hear input from readers. I’ve heard of people changing their names, refusing to self-identify, and then going to interview…but how to do you cope with a situation hard-wired against you? Just apply at “black” companies? If you’re a black woman do you apply only at companies run by black women? Typically people hire those who look like they do and act like they do so they can create social networks…so where does that leave those seeking to get a fair shot?