In 2007 a documentary film called “Interracial Dating in America” was released and received attention from

English: The Hardest Working Man in Radio, The...

English: The Hardest Working Man in Radio, TheFlyJock, Tom Joyner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

such luminaries as Michael Eric Dyson and Tom Joyner. According the piece from (link here), “Interracial Dating in America” has appeared on HBO and sold over 1000,000 DVDs.


Now, an updated version is being put together, to “go deeper” on the topic, and will be called, appropriately enough, “Interracial Dating in America Uncovered (Going Deeper).”


If you’re interested in learning more about the documentary or participating, check out the link above for more details.


Casting is scheduled to begin, according to the piece, June 15th!