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Are Black women giving up on Black men?

Are black women giving up on black men? Not from what I can see, or from the simple statistics that would seem to communicate an actual reverse trend: more black men are dating white women then they are black women. But anyway, here's the link to an article by the...

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New Swiffer Commercial Features Interracial Family w/Twist

There's a new Swiffer commercial featuring an interracial family. And as if that weren't shocking enough for The Establishment or Sleeping America, it's actually between a Black woman and a white man, and the man is an amputee! And they appear to be happy together!...

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Remembering Amiri Baraka

Say what you wish about Amiri Baraka. He was (and always will be) a controversial lightning rod. At times brilliant, then later controversial or unclear as to motive; always defiant, and always being true to himself and his voice...always standing up for what he...

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Interracial Couple Arguing: Would You Intervene?

Check out the video below and let us know where you stand.         Related articles Interracial couples, are you tired of these questions? its the little things that he...

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