Orlando Bloom Is Our ROMEO! Heading To Broadway In Interracial Romeo & Juliet!! | PerezHilton.com.

Well, it’s about time isn’t it? Shakespeare‘s classic star-crossed lovers being portrayed as an interracial couple is no big deal when an interracial pairing was probably more a possibility in his time than it is in our own where people self-segregate more than are forced to comply as they once were.

BAFTA 2008 - Orlando Bloom

BAFTA 2008 – Orlando Bloom (Photo credit: claire_h)

In Shakespeare’s day the Moors were known to be great people. The Ethiopeans were cultural giants. It’s only  following colonization that sterotypes of a deoragatory nature took hold – to keep everyone in check.

But I’m grateful for this play and the star power behind it. Hope they make it into a movie (which I doubt). I always wanted to see the interracial version of MacBeth that came out almost a decade ago with Alec Baldwin.

Good for them and let’s home more brains open up to diversity.