Is it racist to make a Burger King commercial in which a black singer “busts out” singing about the glories inherent in fried chickenwhile in the commercial, also, black people are depicted in “stereotypical ways” (whatever that means)?

English: Mary J Blige

English: Mary J Blige (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course it is. Yes, black people like fried chicken. But so do white people, Jewish people, Mexican people, and everybody else with taste buds. They’re not the most attractive animals on the planet and they taste good when fried up.

Anyway, Mary J. has apparently apologized publicly for the commercial which the mighty BK has already pulled from the air and apologize to Mary J. Blige for as well. So everyone’s apologized to everyone else for making a racist commercial about wonderful fried chicken and black people lovin’ it. Doesn’t really address the issue of racist media marketing, though, does it?

Or am I just asking questions nobody wants to answer?

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