Interracial marriage explored in EMU production, ‘Wedding Band’.

First of all, God bless ’em for having the testicular fortitude (or should I say “woman fortitude”) to brave the topic of interracial marriage in a theater production. That’s a good thing.


Not the performers in the play, but still a great-looking couple.

I think it’s interesting (perhaps nitpicking?) that the woman is almost as light-skinned as the white man she’s in love with.

But it’s a play, and a college theater play at that, so the fat that a) they’re still doing live theater is huge, b) the fact that they’re tackling the subject of interracial marriage without being censored is great, and c) if all the cast members show up sober every night of a performance they’ll be doing a heckuva lot better than they did when I was in college.

But seriously, it’s great to see them tacking the topic, but would it be too much to ask that the “black woman” look more traditionally like an actual black woman than someone who may be interracial or biracial (which is fine but makes the point less apparent to audiences). I’d prefer to see a Nubian beauty, but maybe that’s what the “love/hate” in the title refers to.