In a very recent article by Lylah M. Alphonse, Senior Editor of the Yahoo! Shine network, the author references a piece written by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz of the New York Times about how people will (of course) be more honest in their Google searches than they will be in their surveys.

English: Barack Obama

And, surprise surprise, according to Mr. Stephens-Davidowitz, “the highest racially charged search rate in the country was West Virginia. Other areas with high percentages included western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, upstate New York and southern Mississippi,” areas most people would consider to be ummm….a little racist, perhaps? These same areas just happen to be areas where President Obama did not perform all too well in terms of voter turnout.

The conclusion Mr. Stephens-Davidowitz came to, is that “the higher the racially charged search rate in an area, the worse Mr. Obama did.”

Now, maybe I’m missing something on the Obvious Train of Thought here, but it would make perfect logic to me that the geographic regions with the highest search rates for “the N word” would be geographic regions most commonly held to be….ummmm….racist? Am I missing something here that’ supposed to be revelatory in some way or do I need more Earl Grey tea?


At any rate, here are links to both pieces, first Ms. Alphonse’s piece and then Mr. Stephens-Davidowitz’s NY Times piece: