Interracial Relationship Apprehension

By Shakurah


I read an article recently in the Chicago Tribune online features section, from July 11, by Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz, that as much as the mass-consumption“media” tells us of the growing acceptance of interracial relationships, it’s still not as common as you may think.



Here’s a link to the piece:


It is no shock to me that there is still apprehension in our populace about interracial relationships and marriage.


There are many reasons for this as this article lightly addresses. Whether it is unhealed historical wounds, living segregated lives, unfamiliarity with others different than us, belief in the superiority of “our kind” and the inferiority of the “other,” or negative, judgmental, bigoted, and exclusionary attitudes (from all races, religions, and cultures towards others who are different), there is clearly much work to be done worldwide.


We have all been taught that one of the most important things to do in life is to love one another.

But, humans have a terribly hard time doing that in many cases don’t we? All we have to do is look at history, ancient and current.


Humanity has a very long history of lack of love towards one another. The tendency to exclude others can range anywhere from the minor to the most cruel and murderous. We live in a world of the in-group/out-group.


Many cultures throughout the world appear to believe much more in separatism and segregation rather than togetherness and unity. There is nothing wrong with wanting to preserve the preciousness of one’s culture, race, religion or ethnicity.




It’s just too bad that too often, religious, cultural or ethnic pride leads to a complete lack of reverence and respect another person’s soul that is part of the “out group.”


Sadly, we are too quick to believe lies about one another, especially the lies of racism, and too often, humans do not bother to question their assumptions.