Should We Celebrate Interracial Relationships?

Should We Celebrate Interracial Relationships?

A recent article in The Voice has two differing opinions on the topic (and question at hand).

English: Interracial married couple with Hmong...

English: Interracial married couple with Hmong traditional clothing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first black woman answers that “no” interracial relationships are not to be celebrated at all, even going so far as to indicate that said relationships make her “blood boil,” (which sounds pretty intense if you think about what it would take to boil your blood although we know she doesn’t mean it literally). She equates an interracial couple happily conversing with rapes that occured during slavery times. Yes, rape did occur during slavery. That’s why we’re against it! But an interracial couple going out for a drink and trying to enjoy their relationship have nothing to do with violent rape other people committed. Ummm. yes, please!

The next young black woman (and yes, white men apparently don’t count, nor do people of other races, for this piece), opines that interracial relationships are okay after all and should be celebrated.

At any rate, if you think I’m getting close to my exhaustion rate at this point with caring whether or not other people approve, you’re dead-on. Here’s a link to the insightful piece if you’re interested.

Was Opposition to Interracial Marriage Motivated by Christianity?

Was Opposition to Interracial Marriage Motivated by Christianity?

Good question!

In this brief article, the author posits that opposition to interracial marriage was (at least to some extent) motivated by Christian propaganda, citing the books Race Mixing: Black-White Marriage in Postwar America by Renee Romano and Tell the Church I Love my Wife: Race, Marriage and Law – An American History by Peter Wallenstein and Interracial Intimacy: The Regulation of Race and Romance by Rachel Moran; all of these sounding very interesting if you have time to disseminate them all equally.

Happy Loving Day!

Happy Loving Day! (Photo credit: celestehodges)

V. Stiviano’s Interracial Revenge Porn Video Offer

V. Stiviano’s Interracial Revenge Porn Video Offer

Reportedly, V. Stiviano, the alleged mistress for racist Clippers owner Donald Sterling, was offered a considerable amount of money to star in a revenge interracial porn flick, with the details somewhat sketchy (big surprise).

If you’d like to learn more details on the dirt, here’s the link.

As far as Sterling is concerned, I’d expect him to hold onto the Clippers some way, some how, either through his estranged wife (dragging out divorce proceedings), begging for forgiveness enough times and in enough ways

Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers (Photo credit: Mike Licht,

(other than poor Anderson Cooper looking bored) that it’s eventually dropped.

William Shatner on TVs 1st Interracial Kiss

William Shatner on TVs 1st Interracial Kiss

William Shatner, Captain James T. Kirk (to all us science fiction nerds out there), performed the first scripted interracial television kiss in an episode of TV’s classic “Star Trek” series.

English: William Shatner photographed by Jerry...

English: William Shatner photographed by Jerry Avenaim (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To all of us nerds, William Shatner making out with Uhuru (and not just a little bit, but obviously enjoying himself), was great. Shatner had no issues jumping on women either on the television program (remember the green-skinned woman?) or in real life (as I’m sure he himself would attest). Shatner, also a macho jewish man (as opposed to nerdy images of Jews depicted in most mass media), by the way, is still going strong at 82, with a new one-man show out in which he reviews his career and (of course) the lasting appeal of “Star Trek.”

Time Magazine Covers Interracial Romance Novels

Time Magazine Covers Interracial Romance Novels

Time magazine, one of the great old stalwarts of publishing, (which I believe is now strictly online) has published an article on the prevalence and popularity (hence profitability) of steamy interracial romance novels.Don't hate the player, hate the game.

In the article, a black man is pictured smiling as a lusting blonde-haired, blue-eyed young woman is lunging toward him, pulling his jacket lapels. Good for him.

Are there steamy interracial romance novels out there for black women open-minded enough to consider interracial dating or eventual marriage? Or for that matter, Asian men who might be “down with the brown?” Or gay interracial steamy romance novels for that matter for our gay brothers and sisters out there?

At any rate, according to this piece, (and the articles below), interracial steamy romance novels (and yes, I do have to use all of words together every time) are catching on big time, so to us, that’s a positive sign.


Aïda (Photo credit: xof). I see a future contestant on “The Face.”

What do you think? Is this a good thing (how could it be otherwise)? Do you read steamy interracial love/romance novels? Have you ever written one or are you writing one? Do you publish or self-publish them? Let us know!

Dark Girls Documentary on Netflix

Dark Girls Documentary on Netflix

The documentary film “Dark Girls” is finally on NetFlix, and for those who don’t know what the term refers to or what the documentary is about, it refers to the fact that, quite simply, racism is alive and well and being actively promulgated within the black community itself. Black men are statistically abandoning black women as fast as they can, by either unconscious (or conscious) lifestyle choices or simply refusing to date them. Black women on the other hand, for the most part, are still not yet open to interracial dating that their male counterparts have no issue with whatsoever and can’t embrace fast enough.

And of course this varies from US region, city to city, and state to state. Some countries are blatantly racist (throwing bananas at soccer players is not cool wouldn’t you agree), while some are more open and liberal with interracial dating. Some US states you still wouldn’t be advised to openly embrace interracial dating (areas of the south), and others are fine with it, such as New York. But the issue of black girls not valuing their own inherent beauty or femininity is problematic to be sure.


Aïda (Photo credit: xof)


Millionaire Matchmaker on Interracial Dating

What do you think the Millionaire Matchmaker, Pattin Stanger, thinks of interracial dating?

English: David Golshan AT The Millionaire Matc...

English: David Golshan AT The Millionaire Matchmaker Season Premiere Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, if you’ve seen her Bravo television program, you’d be write to believe that Patti is not necessarily a stuck-up Princess, but down to earth and blunt (which is certainly a big part of her appeal and the show’s appeal).

Anyhow, Patti recently shared her views with a geeky reporter and here is the link to the piece.

“Hair Story” Authors Ayana Byrd & Lori Tharps Talk Black Hair

“Hair Story” Authors Ayana Byrd & Lori Tharps Talk Black Hair

So what’s the big deal with black hair? How is it different from the nappy mess called a “jew fro?”

Here’s a link to a podcast called the AYG Report

Image representing Blog Talk Radio as depicted...

Image via CrunchBase

focusing on black hair from our peeps at Blog Talk Radio. Let us know what you think of it and if the program answers questions or resolves issues, or (at the very least) is interesting.