What’s Up with the Bachelorette So Far?

What’s Up with the Bachelorette So Far?

Not really sure what to make of the new Bachelorette. It’s great that you have (finally) the first African-American female in the program’s history and it’s a true shame that it took roughly a decade (?) to ensure this no-brainer.

The program (thus far) is a guilty pleasure; entertaining in the best way reality TV is known for (salaciousness, men and women salivating over each other, hints at depth) and Rachel Lindsay, the Bachelorette herself, is doing an admirable job of being level-headed and projecting warmth and sufficient empathy to maintain interest.

What do you think of the show so far?

It seems this upcoming episode(s) on 06/26/17 will feature some kind of “explosion” (and no, I’m not going to make a bad joke about what kind of “explosion” we’re likely to see since the show isn’t X-rated at this time). This is great for viewership, and we can only speculate that the “wrestler guy” will somehow “explode” on Lee, who (so far…) is manipulating kindly Kenny like a puppeteer.

Meanwhile, Lee, the master manipulator not only seems to have issued racist (or close to it? I haven’t seen the tweets myself) tweets at some point, but a former Bachelor contestant Leah Block issued comparable tweets.

So, we’re glad to finally have a black Bachelorette, and we’re waiting to see how this “landmark” season unfurls.

White Women Trying to Be Black. Really?

Here’s a video, essentially testing out our new format and video use while giving you something that might be engaging or interesting (hopefully not depressing), on the topic of white women wanting to be black.

Let us know your thoughts on this video and if you want to see more.


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Dutch Race Hate

Nothing wrong with racist white people parading around proudly in blackface, right? What possibly could go wrong with that, couldn’t possibly offend anyone, right?

When we in the United States think of the Netherlands, we typically think of very liberal people, quite polite and intellectually-inclined. We hear about their superior schools (which really isn’t that hard to achieve if we’re honest), excellent health care system, free college education, and how happy everyone is supposedly. Sounds quite nice, actually.

Until we hear about “Black Pete” (which apparently seems to be) Santa Clause’s charcoal black racist side-kick.

Obviously we’re not from the Netherlands and admittedly hardly know much at all about Black Pete, Netherlands culture or racism in that neck of the woods, but it seems nonetheless to be quite present.as this story from the BBC illustrates.

Here’s the link: Dutch Race Hate Row Engulfs Presenter Sylvana Simons

Based on the article it seems that Sylvana’s critique of the obviously racist character of Black Pete (just look at the photos of Black Pete parades in the Hague, as white people parade around in typical black face) has sent the Dutch into spinning racist hissing fits, spewing forth racist commercials, racist/misogynistic/sexist jingles, and everyone else apparently going bonkers over her fairly tame (from what I can see) assessment that the character should be re-thought or updated or removed.


Biased Computers

Biased Computers

Anyone who’s seen the Tom Cruise movie “Minority Report” is familiar with the premise:

Cover of "Minority Report [Blu-ray]"

Cover of Minority Report [Blu-ray]

Computers use programs to “predict” who will most likely become a threat to society or criminal. Of course, in the movie, the programs are flawed. And, apparently, so are they in real life.

ProPublica recently ran an enlightening story about police departments and courts across the nation using flawed and inaccurate programs to attempt to predict future crime. And, wouldn’t you know, that the programs are racist?

Would use of this (or similar) biased computer programs explain the seeming rise in police brutality cases of unarmed minority civilians and the rise of Black Lives Matter (and the subsequent retaliatory creation of “Blue Lives Matter” legislation)? Or are the two unrelated?

Seems like it would be difficult if not impossible to separate the “predictive” technology being biased and flawed from police departments across the nation shooting unarmed civilians of color, but is it?

Here’s a link to the entire article.