School size plays a role in interracial friendships

School size plays a role in interracial friendships.

Not really all that surprising, this article refers to a new study that essentially states that young children, given the opportunity, will flock toward those who look like they do. What a shocker!

English: Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, th...

English: Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, the first class day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Humans are tribal animals,who can be quite petty; attacking the frail and weak among us for having cancer, criticizing every aspect of how we may or may not live, antagonizing children into suicide (the current epidemic in bullying that clearly shows how little structure there really is in public education that allows for rampant bullying among other things), reinforcing gender stereotypes in corporate-sponsored reading programs, the rising cost of GED testing that’s causing many schools around the country to simply scrap the testing all-together….So is it a huge brain-buster that if schools are large enough to allow self-segregation children will go for that option?

As someone who’s taught in many colleges and public schools throughout the US, I can tell you that children will find ways to get along with whomever shows them acceptance. But I’ve also worked in schools where there was no diversity of any kind; and racism ran unchecked and bullying was the norm.

In a self-contained environment where there is no or little diversity would impressionable children seek out that which is not there? Why would they risk peer approval (which is the stamp of approval from God to most kids) struggling with something they need not face at all? Schools across the country are still very segregated, despite Obama‘s claims that they are not and perhaps becoming more so with all the closures and “race to the top” funding deficits.

When schools these days are the size of small towns with multiple buildings, multiple floors in each building, and most schools still being in “black neighborhoods” or “white neighborhoods” or “hispanic neighborhoods” kids can pretty much choose who they wish to be around – so they pick their mirror images, who will of course be less challenging socially.

Put those same children in environments where they must interact with diversity or not function at all, and they’ll learn to accept everyone as equal for the most part, to everyone else. Put them in huge townships where they can interact with whomever and you’ll keep getting the world we already have.

Interracial-dating anxiety a sin of our own making | The Columbus Dispatch

Interracial-dating anxiety a sin of our own making | The Columbus Dispatch.

And this is why we have websites like Interrace Today. Even though most people don’t visit our humble little site, apparently don’t post comments or look at our multicultural greeting cards, we see the need to continue..if for no other reason than to try to somehow open the eyes and minds of people such as the author of this piece.


Racism (Photo credit: Nathan T. Baker)

It’s great that she reveals her inherent racism and is willing to be open about it to the point that she can admit she felt and acted racist but tried to see the young man her daughter wanted to date as equal and as human as herself (despite the fact that his skin is darker), but the pity is that the feelings were still there and not outgrown or rationalized as insubstantial.

Interracial Dating “Revolution?”

According to a recent article, (link here), there is an “interracial dating revolution” going on and we owe it all the Olivia Pope, the character on the justifyingly-popular television program “Scandal,” about a brilliant, beautiful young black woman who advises political power-brokers on how to save their asses week after week.

The character of Olivia Pope is portrayed by Kerry Washington, who is at turns more intelligent and perceptive than anyone else on Planet Earth, and also beguiled by The President of the United States of America (portrayed by uber-connected Tony Goldwyn, the son of a major movie studio mogul).

The chemistry isn’t (in my opinion) sizzling hot, but it’s there, and for television, it’s believable enough and absolutely shocking to see a popular, well-written TV program featuring a black woman as the star who is not a stereotype – in fact, far from it.

The article says that the program itself is stirring an interracial dating revolution (which we hope is true). It goes on to say that (what a surprise) Star Jones (of all people) called the character of Olivia Pope “a whore,” who should be dating black men. Many other black women feel the same way: white men should leave them alone, do not and could not ever find them attractive, are “too different” or too culturally different, it’s just not right, on and on. Meanwhile black men with white woman has become such a part of American culture that we see it in magazines at every check out line (just open “Black Enterprise” or “Jet” to any page or look at the ads on TV on any given night). Interesting.

But the show’s popularity has done great positive things; such as increase the dialogue, garnered attention to the topic on a national scale, and increased the number of similar TV programming with “Deception” starring Meagan Good as a police detective under cover and the upcoming Angela Basset series.

It’s gotten to the point where “The Root” is comparing “Deception” to “Scandal,” and attempting to critically judge which television program portrays a more accurate (meaning agreeable to them) depiction of realistic race relations in America.

Of course, that’s a silly argument to make in the first place, comparing a fictional TV show to real life when most bipeds with a functional cerebral cortex have enough sense to know TV doesn’t accurately mirror reality.

And yet TV does influence reality. Look at what the success of “Scandal” has already done. It’s pissed people off, encouraged others, created TV copycat shows where none existed if its ilk before.

Neither “Scandal” nor “Deception” come close to portraying reality (at least not my reality), but they hit the bulls eye when it comes to inspiring and giving little black girls something new to see on the cathode tube mind-duller than big-mouth Star Jones preening for attention (while she provides nothing of substance) or the demeaning black characters (like “The Help”) typically seen on network TV fare. At least now little black girls, if they see Olivia Pope on TV at all, will see a woman who doesn’t back down, is incredibly resourceful, attractive, dating whomever she wants (as opposed to being steered by society into the acceptable norm of either being single or dating someone who is more socially acceptable), has a good job, dresses professionally, is articulate and literate, and (very) well-connected.

Hooray for some interracial dating on TV between black women and white men, but I’d say that the exposure of these two TV shows pales (pun intended) to the exposure of black men with white women in print and TV ads (which I would suggest vastly outnumbers the hours of these two shows airing).

Ultimately any interracial dating and diversity on national television is a positive change in perceptions, especially when said characters, however fictional, are not stereotypes. What’s your take?

English: Kerry Washington at Metropolitan Oper...

English: Kerry Washington at Metropolitan Opera’s 2010-11 Season Opening Night – “Das Rheingold” (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Yes, ma’am.

Tony Goldwyn in Denver in August 2008

Tony Goldwyn in Denver in August 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Tony Goldwyn looking startled.

“Scandal,” Deception” and the Black Men = White Women Media Blitz

I was looking through racist headlines and articles recently online and noticed alot (meaning more than two to three) pieces on “hypocrisy” of black women daring to be with a white man on “Scandal.”

Black women, the article stated, hate infidelity so much more than other women do because they are so bombarded with it; from the lack of eligible black men, to acceptable black men refusing to date them, to the way a black woman is depicted on the program “Scandal.”

Of course, it’s like the old saying Clint Eastwood muttered in one of his old spaghetti w

Kerry Washington at Hollywood Life Magazine’s ...

Kerry Washington at Hollywood Life Magazine’s 7th Annual Breakthrough Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Kerry Washington is the star of “Scandal” and “Django Unchained.”

estern films, that sometimes you “just can’t win for losin.'”

In other words, damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

“Scandal” as most adults are aware, is a fictitious television program about a beautiful, intelligent, very articulate black woman played by Kerry Washington, who is having an ongoing affair with the President (who is white). In essence, it’s a soap opera about an interracial love affair, and the program has other ongoing plots.

But of course, the blogs about the hypocrisy of infidelity would not exist if Olivia Pope, the star of the “Scandal” program were a white woman. There’d be nothing to write about. Just another night time soap opera about an ongoing affair. Add a black woman to the mix who can speak and think quickly and is in love with a white man who isn’t a degrading stereotype (although philandering Presidents is a degrading stereotype-just a less common one on network TV) or a buffoon and now it doesn’t matter what she does or how she does it. It aint’ working. It’s a soap opera about an interracial love affair. Get over your self-importance and enjoy the smokin’ interracial love scenes where President Fitzgerald slams Olivia up against the wall or tells the white First Lady that he prefers the love of a black woman. Uh-oh!

“Deception” is pretty similar in tone, although only the pilot has aired thus far to date. It’s about an attractive black woman who is very articulate, fast thinking, and involved in some kind of convoluted murder conspiracy involving a rich family like the Carringtons. But wait! There’s a filthy-rich white man who loves her! Does the white man know he ain’t supposed to be down with the sista? Guess not! And does the sista know society does not approve of interracial relationships? Guess not because she’s really diggin’ his cologne, if you catch my silly drift here.

So you have the two ground-breaking TV programs, at least one of which is great and seems reasonably popular. Then you have what I call a media blitz in marketing of advertisements in which black men are with white women. It’s in almost every issue of Jet, Black Enterprise, and in every check out line at every grocery store and related magazine and on virtually every other TV show.

English: Kerry Washington at Metropolitan Oper...

English: Kerry Washington at Metropolitan Opera’s 2010-11 Season Opening Night – “Das Rheingold” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Other than these two TV programs stated above, there is no other black women with non-black men in the media at all. Yet the number of black men with white women is in, like I said, virtually every magazine ad on the planet. As you know, we’re for interracial dating and diversity…but are we off in this media commercial buying campaign? And what do you think of “Scandal” and “Deception?” Is it the start of a trend or reflective of something else?


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Happy to Be Nappy

When I was an adorable little white Jewish boy growing up in New York, I always had trouble with my hair.

Couldn’t comb it, couldn’t part it, couldn’t make it lay down any which way you can imagine.

Example of a jewfro

Welcome to my Jewfro: Able to withstand coconut tcb, olive oil spray, johnson’s magical jerry juice, and whatever else you might throw on it.

My hair-dream, as you might imagine, was to have hair like everyone else. I wanted hair that was bright blonde, that would stand out like somebody standing behind you and holding a flashlight.

I wanted to get that attention and be on all the sports teams, be “cool.”  I wanted to feel accepted and that I was able to fit in. Hair had something to do with that, certainly. Especially when it stood straight up at times, and then looked like a flock of birds had attacked it, other times.

My hair was what I later learned was called (lovingly enough, of course) a big ol’ “jewfro.” It was a tangled, thick, natty, mess of black cord that couldn’t be combed (unless you wanted to rip hair out by the roots, which wasn’t happening then and sure ain’t happening now).

As I matured and got older, the jewfro only grew out more, and got more difficult to manager. Nothing worked to make it workable. Coconut TCB, olive oil, black gel protein, cocoa butter. They smelled good, but didn’t do anything for the hair.

I recall vividly once trying some kind of new tuity-fruity spray that I had purchased at a beauty supply store in downtown Norfolk, Virginia a long time ago. It smelled of candy but accomplished absolutely zilch. I still had an unmanageable jewfro mop of black wire strands, only now it smelled like bubble gum ice cream. Great.

It wasn’t until much later, as a teenager, that I learned the wonders of Vaseline from my friend Joe (who came from a very large black family to rival anything out of Tyler Perry‘s imagination).

His afro was very similar to my jewfro. The only difference was that he had somehow figured out how to manage his. Yes, the jerry juice dripped down all the time like a mini-waterfall, yes it stained the back of wherever he sat, and yes, he was always spraying it with the stuff and picking it with a giant, bright red plastic pick that was (also) always dripping wet. But, hey, he was the epitome of tough and cool, and his hair worked. Mine stood at attention.

Eventually, I learned to use Vaseline combined with black protein gel (and repeated applications of the concrete-like mixture) to make my hair manageable. But by then, it was already beginning to thin.

Thank God.

Now, I slap a handful of liquid soap atop the ol’ dome, run a razor across it, and put on a few drops of African’s Best and I’m off to the races with a shiny, smooth dome that smells like baby powder, and my beautiful black wife says is dead sexy. I feel tougher than John Shaft and more confident than Kojak.

What’s my point with the back-story you ask?

Just this: No matter how you cut it, no matter how you compare people or types of people, we all share very similar stories, struggles, and triumphs. By learning about black hair, I learned how to manage a wild jewfro. And by learning to love black women, I learned to empathize more with people from all walks of life.

There’s a lesson there somewhere.



Editor’s Note: June 13th, 2012


Welcome to Interrace Today!

English: Canberra Multicultural Festival, 2008

English: Canberra Multicultural Festival, 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Here come the interracial, multicultural hordes! Step back!

Although we’re (obviously) new, we hope to make this website an informative and entertaining source for your latest news concerning interracial and multicultural matters throughout the United States and the world.

It’s going to be alot of work, but we believe in the cause, and we believe that with “a little help from our friends,” together we can create an online journal that we will all want to read, get involved with, post comments to and tell our friends about.

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