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Interracial Sex Is Still Taboo In Porn – Business Insider

There's Still One Thing That Many Porn Stars Refuse To Do... via Interracial Sex Is Still Taboo In Porn - Business Insider. In this very interesting article, it's discussed how the porn industry, (one would think one of the least conservative in the world), is still...

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Interracial Groundbreaker via Majors: Interracial Groundbreaker.   Who knew? There's a very good sports movie there, just looking at the photo, one can easily see any number of black actors in the role. But imagine what it must have felt like...

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Broken Beautiful: The Assets of Young Women of Color

Here's a group I found out about while perusing YouTube. What do you readers think of this group and should they be added to our Resources page? Should they be contacted by Interrace Today, and if so, how could we possibly work together? Is there a mission there...

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Watch “Dark Girls” Documentary

Gotta love YouTube. After watching the heart-breaking documentary "Dark Girls" about how prevalent self-defeating brain-washing is among black people and black women in particular, we found out it's offering on YouTube for free, and for watching wherever and whenever...

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Interracial Couple Arguing: Would You Intervene?

Check out the video below and let us know where you stand.         Related articles Interracial couples, are you tired of these questions? its the little things that he...

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Totally Biased: Extended Interview with Aisha Tyler Related articles Aisha Tyler Gives a Sneak Peek at Whose Line is it Anyway? ( Aisha Tyler Disses Soap Opera Stars After Daytime Emmys Mix-Up ( Aisha Tyler...

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In Bed with Aisha Tyler and Joan Rivers

Now there's a sandwich you might (or might not) want to get into the middle of: who's on the right and who's on the left? I love Joan Rivers, but choosing between her and Aisha? Come on! Anyway, here's a brief and fun video of the two great comediennes going at it....

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Interracial Awakenings

I recently ran across these videos by dating coach Matthew Hussey discussing "interracial awakenings" with Christelyn Karazin:   I'd like to get your views on these videos and what you think of Matthew...

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