Anger Meets Its Match

Donna Alexander, a Dallas mother of two, has discovered a brilliant way to turn the anger that everyone feels, and their need to subsequently express it, into a steady stream of income as a resourceful African-American business owner. For a set fee, those who visit...

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IT Interview: Jerry “JT” Tran

  Jerry "JT" Tran is quite simply a "mack daddy." He has transformed his own life and has successfully built a financially rewarding career out of helping others do the same thing; by teaching otherwise shy or reserved men the secrets to attracting women. He's...

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How to Talk with Teens About Interracial Dating

Apparently read by more than 1,000 people our article on WikiHow is still humming along. And we invite you to check it out here, if you're so inclined. Let us know what you think after readi ng it. Related articles Arkansas Gay Marriage Ruling Cites SCOTUS 'Loving v....

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One Right at a Time?

Patricia Williams, James L. Dohr Professor at Columbia University Law School, offered this cogent analysis of the killing of Trayvon Martin and the acquittal of George Zimmerman in The Guardian. Zimmerman's exoneration may be compared to the sad condition of Marissa...

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Kids Weigh In on Controversial Cheerios Ad

Remember that Cheerios Ad with the Interracial Family? The one that got so many hostile comments that YouTube needed to disable the "comments" section of the website? The same one that inspired Michael David Murphy and...

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Asian Racism

I was recently looking at some reviews on YouTube when I came across some videos that I thought....if they aren't racist certainly come awfully close to crossing that line....with such titles are "Are Chinese Girls Easy?" and "Can Asian Men Be Sexy?" and on and on. In...

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White Women Trying to Be Black. Really?

Here's a video, essentially testing out our new format and video use while giving you something that might be engaging or interesting (hopefully not depressing), on the topic of white women wanting to be black. Let us know your thoughts on this video and if you want...

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Islam & British Values

Is Islam compatible with traditional British values and cultural mores? Who am I to say, not being either, but it's certainly an interesting discussion if such can be had in a reasoned, intellectual manner. Can it? Well, watch the accompanying video and let us know...

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Same Race Employment Discrimination

What can you do if you're being discriminated against because you're the same race (or for that matter, ethnicity) as the person doing the hiring? As anyone who has encountered discrimination can tell you, fighting back against institutionalized racism is no easy...

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