I’m sitting here drinking my morning Rockstar energy drink, scanning through the news when I come upon this reference about an article from The Root (here), that before black women should consider dating white guys (not men, mind you), it’s best to have a white friend, first.

Eritrean woman

Eritrean woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before I spit up my energy drink, spreading sticky-sweet caffeine laced beverage all over the laptop, I had to embrace to unintentional irony.

Where do I begin? As a big, bald white man married to a black woman for 10+ years and as a “white guy” who never dated a white woman in his entire life, this article of course was as subtle a message to me as a knee to the groin.

I guess “white guys” (as opposed to men) are so bizarre or stereotypically nerdy that we can’t relate to the life and needs of a black woman without some kind of introductory course?

And black women need a white “friend” (whatever that implies) to introduce them to what “white culture” must be like and how to understand white “guys,” to help the woman become gently acclimated.

I cannot help but think that this kind of paralogia (thinking above the laws of logic) is what is largely responsible for the number of single black women across the country and the fact that black women and white men are statistically the smallest number of interracial dating/relationships taking place out there.

When we watch television programs on Hulu, online, on tv, we see plenty of ads of black men with white women. That’s common and accepted by marketing companies as a norm to such an extent that they feature it and cater to it. You won’t see half as many commercials or programs featuring black women and white men.

Why is that? Maybe some of the skip-logic mentioned in this piece? I can’t really say for sure what the methodology is, but it’s obviously there. If a black woman character, such as the one in the great tv show “Scandal” has a relationship with a white President, the comments are mostly negative, deriding the relationship. Meanwhile, almost every tv program with a black man in it has a black man/white woman relationship taking place.

Do black women perceive white men as somehow more intimidating to even consider dating, than, say black men and white women?