Asian Playboy Dating Tips That Never Fail

By Jt Tran

No one ever said interracial romance was easy. Sometimes it can be a cruel world out there. Actually, some women might even say to your face that they’re not attracted to Asian men (or Latino, black or anything else). Yes it’s despicable Nevertheless, you have to view rejectionas a test. A strong alpha Asian male doesn’t let rejection bother him. He has the strength and smarts to have the ability to continue a conversation even after being initially rejected for whatever shallow reason. Contemplate a woman’s rejection like a filtering procedure. She probably gets hit on three times a day, and so has to turn away at least a dozen guys a month correct away if she hopes to maintain any time to herself!

JT Tran

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If you are going to assume the role of a strong Asian playboy who gets lots of women, you must first put away the behaviors of the average, wimpy man. In considering some international, interracial dating tips that never fail, think about why a lot of Asian men (and men of all races for that matter) get turned away by those high in-demand white chicks.

1. Fear of the American Woman First the self-limiting belief that an Asian man doesn’t deserve a beautiful woman of another race, as if she’s “out of his league.”

2. Lack of Killer Instinct Having a killer instinct is powerful and denotes leadership and strength. Killer instinct is genuinely about competitiveness along with the lengths you are prepared to go to obtain what you need. This will be the attitude which will keep you trying to win-and it’s going to make you drop dead sexy to girls.

3. Being Asexual A lot of Asian men fall into the trap of being too asexual, because they fear coming across as too horny or too interested. This is self-defeating. If you show your potential date no sexual charisma, you are promising her nothing. When you start to show fear, you show a lack of sexual confidence and this is always a turn off.

4. Nice Guy Syndrome The Asian PUA always acts with honor, so it is effortless to determine why treating others honorably can quickly lead to good guy syndrome. Good guys in no way get laid-because they’re so afraid of sexual tension and afraid to reach out and make this “friendship” sexual. Good guys are seeking constant validation. They’re simple to take advantage of, desperate and needy. To be “too nice” and Asian (which frankly, a good deal of white girls have in no way had the privilege of dating) is normally a guaranteed no.

Your first lesson in becoming an Asian PUA would be to identify these downfalls and prevent this behavior like the plague. Be yourself-not the guy who’s so determined to be nice that he ends up finishing last location.

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