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English: No racism Lietuvių: Ne rasizmui

English: No racism Lietuvių: Ne rasizmui (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just a brilliant comedic parody video that tilts racism gently on its head. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:


What you you think?



Does “Avatar” Have Racist Undertones?

Does ‘Avatar’ have racist undertones?

By The Grio website

PHILADELPHIA (AP)– Near the end of the hit film “Avatar,” the villain snarls at the hero, “How does it feel to betray your own race?” Both men are white – although the hero is inhabiting a blue-skinned, 9-foot (2.75-meter)-tall, long-tailed alien.

James Cameron speaking at 2010 TED Conference.

James Cameron speaking at 2010 TED Conference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

Strange as it may seem for a film that pits greedy, immoral humans against noble denizens of a faraway moon, “Avatar” is being criticized by a small but vocal group of people who allege it contains racist themes – the white hero once again saving the primitive natives.

Since the film opened to widespread critical acclaim three weeks ago, hundreds of blog posts, newspaper articles, tweets and YouTube videos have made claims such as that the film is “a fantasy about race told from the point of view of white people” and reinforces “the white Messiah fable.”

The film’s writer and director, James Cameron, says the real theme is about respecting others’ differences.

In the film (read no further if you don’t want to spoil the plot) a white, paralyzed Marine, Jake Sully, is mentally linked to an alien’s body and set loose on the planet Pandora. His mission: persuade the mystic, nature-loving Na’vi to make way for humans to mine their land for unobtanium, worth $20 million per kilo back home.

Like Kevin Costner in “Dances with Wolves” and Tom Cruise in “The Last Samurai” or as far back as Jimmy Stewart in the 1950 Western “Broken Arrow,” Sully finds his allegiances soon change. He falls in love with the Na’vi princess and leads the bird-riding, bow-and-arrow-shooting aliens to victory over the white men’s spaceships and mega-robots.

Adding to the racial dynamic is that the main Na’vi characters are played by actors of color, led by a Dominican, Zoe Saldana, as the princess. The film also is an obvious metaphor for how European settlers in America wiped out the Indians.

Robinne Lee, an actress in such recent films as “Seven Pounds” and “Hotel for Dogs,” said that “Avatar” was “beautiful” and that she understood the economic logic of casting a white lead if most of the audience is white.

But she said the film, which remained No. 1 at the box office domestically for the fourth straight weekend with $48.5 million and is second among all-time top-grossing films worldwide, still reminded her of Hollywood’s “Pocahontas” story — “the Indian woman leads the white man into the wilderness, and he learns the way of the people and becomes the savior.”

“It’s really upsetting in many ways,” said Lee, who is black with Jamaican and Chinese ancestry. “It would be nice if we could save ourselves.”

Annalee Newitz, editor-in-chief of the sci-fi Web site, likened “Avatar” to the recent film “District 9,” in which a white man accidentally becomes an alien and then helps save the aliens, and 1984’s “Dune,” in which a white man becomes an alien Messiah.

“Main white characters realize that they are complicit in a system which is destroying aliens, AKApeople of color … (then) go beyond assimilation and become leaders of the people they once oppressed,” wrote Newitz, who is white. “When will whites stop making these movies and start thinking about race in a new way?”

Black film professor and author Donald Bogle said he can understand why people would be troubled by “Avatar,” although he praised it as a “stunning” work.

“A segment of the audience is carrying in the back of its head some sense of movie history,” said Bogle, author of “Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies & Bucks: An Interpretive History of Blacks in American Films”

Bogle stopped short, however, of calling the movie racist.

“It’s a film with still a certain kind of distortion,” he said. “It’s a movie that hasn’t yet freed itself of old Hollywood traditions, old formulas.”

Writer/director Cameron, who is white, said in an e-mail to The Associated Press that his film “asks us to open our eyes and truly see others, respecting them even though they are different, in the hope that we may find a way to prevent conflict and live more harmoniously on this world. I hardly think that is a racist message.”

There are many ways to interpret the art that is “Avatar.”

What does it mean that in the final, sequel-begging scene, Sully abandons his human body and transforms into one of the Na’vi? Is Saldana’s Na’vi character the real heroine because she, not Sully, kills the arch-villain? Does it matter that many conservatives are riled by what they call liberal environmental and anti-military messages?

Is Cameron actually exposing the historical evils of white colonizers? Does the existence of an alien species expose the reality that all humans are actually one race?

Although the “Avatar” debate springs from Hollywood’s historical difficulties with race, Will Smith recently saved the planet in “I Am Legend,” and Denzel Washington appears ready to do the same in the forthcoming “Book of Eli.”

Bogle, the film historian, said that he was glad Cameron made the film and that it made people think about race.

“Maybe there is something he does want to say and put across” about race, Bogle said. “Maybe if he had a black hero in there, that point would have been even stronger.”

Jesse Washington covers race and ethnicity for The Associated Press. is the first video-centric news community site devoted to providing African Americans with stories and perspectives that appeal to them stories and perspectives that appeal to them but are underrepresented in existing national news outlets.

The is the first video-centric news community site providing African Americans with stories that are underrepresented in existing national news outlets.

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How Can Minority Students Obtain Government Grants?

How Can Minority Students Obtain Government Grants?

By John Goldman

Minority students belonging to different minority groupscan attain their objectives for enhancing their intellectual capabilities through variety of grants offered by government.

Scholarship Search Secrets eBook

Scholarship Search Secrets eBook (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn). Keep searchin’ kid.

Inadequately, number of minority Americans finds it difficult to improve their intellectual capabilities because of their monetary restraint. Fortunately, the US government has started taking effort in dividing monetary aid to allow youthful and bright minority learners to attain their enlightening wishes.

Multicultural Scholarship Program:

Multicultural Scholarship Program for higher education is one of the initiatives which aim in assisting promising minority students from marginal backgrounds to excel in their interesting fields. This type of minority grant offers much required finances to minority students who are undergraduates who want to pursue their career in agricultural field.

This type of minority grant offers much necessary finances to minority students who are undergraduates who want to precede their career in agricultural area. This scholarship curriculum provides a useful path of likelihood to enlarge the labor force in the specialized area of agricultural and food science, natural possessions, forestry and other fields connected to crop growing.

For the year 2008, almost 900,000 dollars were estimated in order to benefit the minority people of America with the government grants ranging from 20,000 dollars to 80,000 dollars. Besides educational help, a usual grant search can yield several thousands of sources which are normally awarded for any purpose.

American minority students must take full advantage of these government grants for improving their educational status in order to pursue a career in transportation, medical or any other filed. A Multicultural Scholars Program offered by the US government is available which will greatly benefit poor minority undergraduate students who want to seek a professional career.

American minority students must take complete benefit of grants offered by government for humanizing their learning status in order to precede a career in transport, medicinal or any other field. A Multicultural Scholars Program given by the US government is obtainable which will greatly help poor minority undergraduate students who want to look for a certified career.

A Millennium Scholarship course normally provides finances for low income minority students for their tuitions who are well-gifted and bright. It is a one billion dollar initiative that is at present one of the largest private scholarships presented worldwide. In the year 2006, 56 million dollars were aided by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation in order to spread out the Gates Millennium Scholarship Program.

A Millennium Scholarship curriculum normally provides finances for low income minority students for their tuitions who are well-gifted and lustrous. It is a one billion dollar initiative that is at present one of the largest private scholarships presented worldwide. In the year 2006, 56 million dollars were aided by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation in order to increase the Gates Millennium Scholarship Program.

In order to avail this scholarship minority students have to exhibit their powerful leadership talents, the public services and academic excellences. However, there are even specific requirements to permit for this kind of scholarship program which includes the applicant must be a first time university or college student, they must meet the criteria’s of Federal Pell and they must be permanent US citizens.

They should even have to fill-up three significant styles to be eligible such as nominator form, counselor form and nominee confidential information form.

Funds Allocated:

Every year approximately 1000 scholarships are being distributed through these agendas to the minority class. The scholarship amount usually differs because it is being framed to cover the study material of each scholar monetary aid thus the amount of the scholarship is framed as per the needs of an individual minority student. In the year 2006, more than 000 dollars were awarded for undergraduates and 15,000 dollars for graduate students per year.

John Goldman is one of the foremost advisor in matters relating to Government Grants and Financial Aid. To learn more about government grants and how to apply for them visit the Government Grant USA website

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Is Google Racist?

Is media giant (which is probably an understatement) Google racist?


According to a piece by New York Times journalist Eric Pfanner, from June 27th, 2012, the search engine behemoth had a good day – as a lawsuit brought by several French groups that fight racism was dropped.

Rupert Murdoch - Caricature

Rupert Murdoch – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)


The French groups accused Google of breaking French ani-racism laws by using terms “juif” and “Jewish” in its autocomplete search function when people would search for certain public figures known to be Jewish, such as Fox News leader Rupert Murdoch.


The article never accuses Google of anything improper or illegal in any way. It just presents the information objectively, as it should.


Here is a link to the full article: here


My opinion?


Now the question to the casual reader should be, is that racist behavior? Well, let’s put it in context: If I pointed out that people were Jewish every time you brought up a person’s name, would that be racist? It would be insofar as making their religion and ethnic identity clear whether it may have been relevant or important.


By the same token, it would be akin to me pointing out to you that someone were black or Asian if you mentioned them to me…whether important to what you were doing or not. That kind of behavior on the part of a human could be considered racist.


Maybe Google was just trying to make its auto-complete function more intuitive to what people were/are searching, but shouldn’t one of the Earth’s largest and most powerful companies have a social responsibility to simply disavow practices that would immediately target historically oppressed minority groups through no fault of their own?




Tim Tebow & Lolo Jones: Interracial Date Made in Sports Heaven?


Not to be confused with Attorney General Eric Holder (about to get an contempt citation any day now for his role in the “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal), Yahoo! Contributor Network writer Eric Holden brings up the valid point that should Tim Tebow go out on a “church date” with Lolo Jones, it might go a long way toward making interracial dating, especially between white men and black women, more acceptable.

English: Lolo Jones after winning the women's ...

English: Lolo Jones after winning the women’s invitational 100-meter hurdles at the Drake Relays in Des Moines, Iowa, on April 26, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those who don’t know Tim Tebow is essentially a star American football player who purports to be a devout Christian, while Lolo (or Lori) Jones is a bi-racial track star who recently gained a spot on the upcoming Olympics. Jones also claims to be a devout Christian and virgin.

Jones has mentioned that she’d like to date Tebow, and New York Jets football star Nick Mangold has also brought up his desire to see a “LoBow” date take place.

Holden states in his piece, rightfully so, that should the two super-jocks even consider a single date, it would be such a public event that it could only help to strengthen public perception and eventually greater approval of interracial dating, as it being “cool” and not the earth-shattering deviation so many people still see it as today.


Here’s a link to Holden’s thoughtful piece: