Here’s a crazy story.

According to this article from Parade (known for it’s searing insightful journalism, right?) 1 in 3 couples are in an interracial relationship. Where does the author live? On Mars? I can’t see this happening even in Atlanta where the population is fairly even between black and white; so if it’s not reality in Atlanta (and I don’t know that it is or is not) there’s no way this is happening across the country.

interracial love

Interracial Love, Baby

If this author is correct, you should see interracial couples every time you blink, and this is clearly not the case. Maybe you see black men with white women, as that’s the newest socially acceptable norm now; but for the most part black women still are not open to dating white men, asian men, or any other group, so I do not believe that it’s possible that 1 in 3 young American couples are in an interracial relationship.

What are your views anybody?

Here’s the link to the piece –here.