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Best Bits - News - Video
How Racist Are You? The Event If you have never heard of Jane Elliot, she's a tough-as-nails former teacher who gives unbelievably powerful talks and workshops on racism around the world.
Best Bits - News - Video
Watch "Dark Girls" Documentary Gotta love YouTube.
Best Bits - Video
Point Loma Writers: An Evening with Michael Eric Dyson   Point Loma Writers: An Evening with Michael Eric Dyson
Best Bits - Video
Another View - Round Table - The N Word Here's an interesting panel discussion from the good folks at "Another View." Watch it and let us know what you think and why.
Best Bits - Video
Another View - Light vs Dark SkinAnother View - Light vs Dark Skin
Best Bits - Video
Fair? - A documentary about skin colour in India Fair? - A documentary about skin colour in India
Best Bits - Editor's Note - News
Interracial Dating "Revolution?" According to a recent article, (link here), there is an "interracial dating revolution" going on and we owe it all the Olivia Pope, the character on the justifyingly-popular televi...
Best Bits - News - Video
Why are successful Black women single?I recently came across this series of videos on YouTube and thought they would be relevant and interesting. It just seems that my Nubian queens out there can't catch a break.
Best Bits - News - Video
Is Homosexuality un-African?Part 1: Part 2:
Best Bits - News - Video
BBC Debate: Should Britain get rid of Multiculturalism?
Best Bits - Guest Columns - Video
Robin Gibb: An Interracial Musical LegacyRobin Gibb: An Interracial Musical Legacy By Shakurah This article is dedicated Robin Gibb, to honor his memory and legacy.
Best Bits - News - Video
Black Women Are Beautiful: Racist Mind GamesI recently came across the following video on YouTube.
Best Bits - Video
Black in Japan: Part 2Watch these videos below and let us know what you think. I think they're good videos, revealing, and insightful.
Best Bits - Video
Black in Japan: Part 1私たちの栄光のウェブサイトへようこそ!   What's it like to be black in Japan? Better than in the States...
Egyptians Not Black?..yeah right!....Proof is in the Pictures What do you think?
Interracial Relationships 101 What do you think of this video? Seems like these kids have fairly developed senses of humor and can take things with a grain of salt.
Best Bits - Interviews - Video
Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates: Watch the Entire Series Free
Articles - Best Bits - News
How Racist Are You?We hear it all the time: "I'm not racist." Some people will say "I'm not racist. I can't be racist because I have a black friend or co-worker." And they may really mean it.
Best Bits - Editor's Note
Happy to Be NappyWhen I was an adorable little white Jewish boy growing up in New York, I always had trouble with my hair.
Best Bits - Interviews
Anger Meets Its MatchDonna Alexander, a Dallas mother of two, has discovered a brilliant way to turn the anger that everyone feels, and their need to subsequently express it, into a steady stream of in...
Best Bits - Video
Black.White Reality ShowSeveral years ago Fox, depsite what you might think featured a revelatory reality program called, appropriately enough, "Black.White.
Best Bits - Guest Columns
Guest Columnist: ShakurahInterracial Friendship Barriers By Shakurah   Recently, I read an article at: http://news.change.
Best Bits - Guest Columns
Guest Columnist: ShakurahInterracial Relationship Apprehension By Shakurah   I read an article recently in the Chicago Tribune online features section, from July 11, by Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz, ...
Best Bits - Guest Columns
Guest Columnist, Short Story: CeCe Monet Blink By CeCe Monet   “Yeah Charlie, I’ll catch up with you guys at the bar later. I left one of my PS3 games in the break room.
Best Bits - Guest Columns
Guest Columnist: CeCe MonetAMBW So for those newbies to the term “AMBW,” it’s the acronym that stands for Asian Men and Black Women.
Best Bits - Video
The Job Just a brilliant comedic parody video that tilts racism gently on its head.
Best Bits - Features - News - Video
Brilliant Asian Man/Black Woman SitcomDo Asian Men like Black Women? And if they do, to how great an extent? Well, we don't know (at least not yet) what the numbers of AM/BW couples are, or what percentage of inter...
Best Bits - Video
What Would You Do? In yet another too-fun-to-resist video from this great series, comes an experiment in overt racism, in which a woman wearing a Hijabis discriminated against royally while others, i...
Best Bits - Video
Dances With Aliens? A Look at Multiculturalism in the Film "Avatar"Here's a brief talk in which Guest Columnist Dr.
Best Bits - News
Is Sexual Harassment Different from the Perspective of Black Women?I recently came across (what I feel is) an important article by Kunbi Tinuoye writing for TheGrio, pointing out a facet of sexual harassment that is often (if not always) overlooke...

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