Richest Man Of All History was African King

Tired of not getting accurate news, of not getting correct history that’s delivered to you from a biased perspective?

Did you know the richest man of all time, of all history, was not Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, not someone on Shark Tank or a Rothschild, it was an obscure African king, who had it all, baby. He was Mansa Musa I of Mali.

Interracial, Multicultural
The richest person of all time, of all history, an African king. No way!


Here’s a link to the story:




photo by: Ken_Mayer

Learning to Hate Yourself: Racist Mind Games

I recently came across the following video on YouTube.

It made me feel sick to my stomach, and I could recall how Malcolm X had said long ago that the true war going on was in the minds of black people; how they had been led to believe that they could not run their own communities, run their own businesses, make their own incomes, or believe in themselves as being worthy.

Malcolm X
Malcolm X (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The ultimate joke was that black people saw themselves as less than equal, doing the slave master’s job by themselves on their own. This is why, I’m sure Brother Malcolm would concur, some black women do not  believe their natural hair is beautiful and must be “conked” or “permed” or bleached. This is why so many black men prefer white women, because they’ve been told the standard of beauty is the white woman and they are socialized to “achieve.”

I’m sure this video would make Brother Malcolm sick, as it would Cornell West. I don’t know if they’d agree with my feelings, but we would all agree that regardless of the cause, the effect is apparent and extremely disheartening to say the least.

What do you think of this video?







Black in Japan: Part 2

Watch these videos below and let us know what you think. I think they’re good videos, revealing, and insightful.

If you have suggestions or input, let us hear from you!














photo by: vernalanemgmt

Black in Japan: Part 1



What’s it like to be black in Japan? Better than in the States…or worse?

Japanese women enjoying the tea time.
Japanese women enjoying the tea time. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do Japanese men dig black women? It seems as though the answer varies depending upon who you talk to.

Do Japanese women dig black men? Don’t know. I can’t really see a consensus.

Following are several videos on the subject.


Since we have several videos to show you, we’ll have a few more pages for videos – so the load time doesn’t take forever and (hopefully) the site won’t crash.

Have you, gentle reader, had any experiences being black in Japan?

If so, what were your experiences? Please let us know!









Happy to Be Nappy

When I was an adorable little white Jewish boy growing up in New York, I always had trouble with my hair.

Couldn’t comb it, couldn’t part it, couldn’t make it lay down any which way you can imagine.

Example of a jewfro
Welcome to my Jewfro: Able to withstand coconut tcb, olive oil spray, johnson’s magical jerry juice, and whatever else you might throw on it.

My hair-dream, as you might imagine, was to have hair like everyone else. I wanted hair that was bright blonde, that would stand out like somebody standing behind you and holding a flashlight.

I wanted to get that attention and be on all the sports teams, be “cool.”  I wanted to feel accepted and that I was able to fit in. Hair had something to do with that, certainly. Especially when it stood straight up at times, and then looked like a flock of birds had attacked it, other times.

My hair was what I later learned was called (lovingly enough, of course) a big ol’ “jewfro.” It was a tangled, thick, natty, mess of black cord that couldn’t be combed (unless you wanted to rip hair out by the roots, which wasn’t happening then and sure ain’t happening now).

As I matured and got older, the jewfro only grew out more, and got more difficult to manager. Nothing worked to make it workable. Coconut TCB, olive oil, black gel protein, cocoa butter. They smelled good, but didn’t do anything for the hair.

I recall vividly once trying some kind of new tuity-fruity spray that I had purchased at a beauty supply store in downtown Norfolk, Virginia a long time ago. It smelled of candy but accomplished absolutely zilch. I still had an unmanageable jewfro mop of black wire strands, only now it smelled like bubble gum ice cream. Great.

It wasn’t until much later, as a teenager, that I learned the wonders of Vaseline from my friend Joe (who came from a very large black family to rival anything out of Tyler Perry‘s imagination).

His afro was very similar to my jewfro. The only difference was that he had somehow figured out how to manage his. Yes, the jerry juice dripped down all the time like a mini-waterfall, yes it stained the back of wherever he sat, and yes, he was always spraying it with the stuff and picking it with a giant, bright red plastic pick that was (also) always dripping wet. But, hey, he was the epitome of tough and cool, and his hair worked. Mine stood at attention.

Eventually, I learned to use Vaseline combined with black protein gel (and repeated applications of the concrete-like mixture) to make my hair manageable. But by then, it was already beginning to thin.

Thank God.

Now, I slap a handful of liquid soap atop the ol’ dome, run a razor across it, and put on a few drops of African’s Best and I’m off to the races with a shiny, smooth dome that smells like baby powder, and my beautiful black wife says is dead sexy. I feel tougher than John Shaft and more confident than Kojak.

What’s my point with the back-story you ask?

Just this: No matter how you cut it, no matter how you compare people or types of people, we all share very similar stories, struggles, and triumphs. By learning about black hair, I learned how to manage a wild jewfro. And by learning to love black women, I learned to empathize more with people from all walks of life.

There’s a lesson there somewhere.




Guest Columnist: Shakurah

Interracial Friendship Barriers

By Shakurah


Recently, I read an article at:

http://news.change.org/stories/what-are-the-barriers-to-interracial-friendships, by Nadra Kareem Nittle, that discusses the rarely spoken subject of interracial friendships.

photo: Tröss Nipanki Le Roij


Even though the article is from 8-27-2010, it is still highly relevant and current.


I found this quote from the article very interesting:


“…Because research shows that whites are the group most likely to prefer racial isolation. When whites and blacks were asked to describe the racial makeup of their ideal neighborhood, for example, whites typically preferred all-white areas, while blacks preferred racially mixed areas….”


What would account for why white people typically preferred all-white areas?


The article does not directly answer this question, but I hypothesize that for at least some white people, many prefer all-white areas because they associate darker-skinned minorities with higher crime rates and they don’t want minorities bringing crime and violence into their “perfect” neighborhoods.


Some white people ascribe the most negative traits of humanity to darker-skinned minorities, while ignoring that those same traits, such as a tendency toward assault, rape, robbery, and drug abuse exist among white people as well.


Maybe this bias in favor of white people by white people (which really reflects the racist, historical “separate but equal” love of segregation) reflects an over-valuing of white people and an undervaluing/devaluing of people of racial minority status.


As far as the finding that black people preferred racially mixed areas, I can say as a black woman that I concur with this.


I have always enjoyed and actively sought out racially and ethnically diverse areas to live and work in. I find these types of areas and neighborhoods more enjoyable in terms of cuisine and cultural activities to engage in.


In ethnically diverse areas, I always felt a greater level of comfort in my surroundings. On some level, I feel there is less of a chance that I will be discriminated against or be the target of racial hate and if I am, I will receive more support from my community.


Guest Columnist, Short Story: CeCe Monet


By CeCe Monet


“Yeah Charlie, I’ll catch up with you guys at the bar later. I left one of my PS3 games in the break

Author CeCe MOnet

room. I’m gonna go get it real quick,” Evan said to a group of his coworkers before he ran back up the stairs. It was late on a Friday night and everyone else had already left for the day. He ran into the huge third floor break room and was about to go search for his game disc when he suddenly had to go take a leak instead.

Evan rushed towards the men’s restroom located in the corner of the break room first, content that if his game was still in the machine now, it would still be there in another minute or two.

As Evan exited the wash closet, he came nearly face to face with another one of his coworkers. Rena, a Tuluva Indian woman with gray eyes that he thought was one of the loveliest creatures he’d ever seen in his life. Evan was surprised to see her here still, but was even more taken aback by how Rena was looking so frustrated and irritated right now.


Even still, Evan was so mesmerized by her smooth creamy skin, her long, dark, rich, coffee colored wavy hair, and luscious, ripe, full jewel-toned lips that all he could do was stand there and gawk. Yet even with all her dazzling sensuality, she still managed to look uptight as always. Her hair was fixed in a bun and she was wearing smart, sensible work shoes and clothes, despite their casual work environment. Though she was still simply stunning to Evan, as usual. When she finally noticed him in the room too and staring at her, however, she scowled at him and the spell that had held him transfixed was now broken.


“Do you think you could come over here and help me get this door open please? I think it’s stuck.” Rena’s words had sounded much more like an order than a request. Evan wondered again why she was always so mean to him. When she dealt with almost everyone else in the company, she was at least civil towards them. With Evan though, she always had a serious attitude.


However, being the gentleman he was, Evan simply nodded and graciously acquiesced. As he went over to tug on the door, however, what he discovered was that it wouldn’t budge. At all. It appeared the door wasn’t just stuck. In the couple of minutes that Evan had been in here, the cleaning crew had managed to lock the door from the outside.


The cleaners had utilized the double enforced steel bar locks the company mandated in order to keep people from helping themselves to the extra snack stashes and break room equipment after hours. So basically, they were both trapped in their company’s break room.


When Evan relayed this information to her, Rena’s frown broadened. “You have got to be kidding me,” she mumbled. Evan was none too pleased about this situation either. He had just wanted to spend his Friday night forgetting about this über long, stressful work week by relaxing with his boys. He should already be drinking some beer at one of the local downtown dive bars, and then eventually playing video games on his big screen TV at home until he passed out later tonight. Instead, he was trapped at work with a woman who seemed to hate his guts, though he truthfully had no idea why. Maybe some people just didn’t click?


Evan didn’t really think that oversimplified answer was it though. He was thirty years old and had had his fair share of lovers in the past, so he recognized chemistry developing between a man and woman when he saw it. Yet when he was around Rena, he usually felt confused, unbalanced, and unsure of himself with the way she affected him like no other woman ever had before in his life.


She did something to his biochemistry, right down to his cellular level their attraction was so strong, and he knew she had to feel it too.


Just then, as if on cue, her body unconsciously seemed to be swaying her to move closer to him, almost like some unseen force likened to a gravitational pull was causing her to do so. When she became cognizant of the mini movement, her scowling only increased and she purposefully moved herself away from him to go sit down at one of the nearby table and chair sets.


Interesting. So it wasn’t just Evan’s imagination. That super strong, gut wrenching, soul-searing attraction was mutual. Yet it was like Rena didn’t want to want him, so she was going out of her way to dislike him, despite the fact that she didn’t even know him. He understood not wanting to get involved with a coworker because that could make things unnecessarily complicated and uncomfortable in the workplace.


Though the way in which Rena was treating him seemed to have a lot more to do with something deeply personal than anything professional anyway. No, this pseudo drama between them wasn’t about some random, petty personality conflict.


Plus, the way Rena’s arm had ever so slightly brushed against his as she rushed for the safety of the chair she was now seated in, made him once again rethink his own policy of never dating any colleagues. If they could each give into their mutual desire and act on the lust brewing between the two of them, Evan had an inkling that it would be worth it for him to simply find a new job.


Evan debated for a moment. Should he use this opportunity to try and find out what Rena’s problem with him was? Or should he simply ignore her? After all, she was behaving rather childishly… Ah to hell with it. Evan didn’t have anything better to do right now anyway, and who knew how long it would be before Security made their rounds again.


It could be close to another two hours before the guard returned to check out this floor so Evan and Rena could be released. Or even longer if the on duty guard fell asleep, as he was rumored to be prone to do.


Evan sat across from Rena and rested his arms on his legs, his hands clasped together in front of him as he leaned forward towards her. Though she was clearly uncomfortable at how his current position put him in close proximity to her, about a foot away from her, Rena didn’t even flinch.


She didn’t look away either; she simply held her ground and now seemed to be staring him down. Even more interesting. Apparently, they were going to have a staring contest. This was definitely going to be a more exciting night than Evan had originally anticipated…


Rena couldn’t believe it. A little while ago, she had ducked into the break room for just a few minutes to grab her makeup bag she’d inadvertently left in the women’s restroom in here earlier in the day. She’d decided to freshen up her makeup while she was at it, and then she was supposed to be on her way to her favorite restaurant to grab a drink and some food before going home to enjoy a nice, quiet evening. It had been a long, exhausting week. She hadn’t been at work until 9:00 pm on a Friday in a while and she hoped like hell she wouldn’t need to do it again for a long while to come.


Her job as a Senior Finance Manager meant that month end was often a busy time. However, Rena was normally able to manage it so that she didn’t have to stay too late. Unfortunately, one of her team’s Accountants had been out sick this week, so she’d pulled double duty taking care of both her and Stacey’s responsibilities. Rena hadn’t expected to be here past 7:00, maybe 7:30 tonight, but some unexpected delays had kept her here later that she’d wanted to be.


She also certainly hadn’t expected to run into the infuriatingly annoying man who was now sitting across from her like he owned the whole damn place, and was even now trying to intimidate her. Rena had worked in the male-dominated world of the video game industry for nearly a decade now, so at twenty-eight, she definitely knew not to make any more concessions in this situation.

Evan’s cockiness might irritate her to no end, but Rena Patel could handle herself in any situation. Even in such close proximity to the one man in the world that could have her losing all of her cool, poise, self-possession, and highly valued self-control…


Oh alright. So it wasn’t really Evan Cheong’s self-confidence that riled Rena. It wasn’t the way he seemed to always be so smooth and know exactly what to do and say no matter what came his way as the Director of the Game Design department. He was cool under fire in a high stress position in a way that could be envied by many C level and even senior level executives.


No, the problem was that Rena had never, ever in her life even considered dating a coworker. Yet, she always had to do her best to avoid Evan, or at least put up an abrasive front to get rid of him, because his very presence disturbed her neat, tidy little world. The one in which she was always in control, an alpha female who made no apologies, took no prisoners, and was always in the driver’s seat. Utilizing whatever tactics necessary, her intelligence and her feminine beauty included, as weapons at her disposal to fight for every promotion, and other corporate advantage that she could manage.


Rena couldn’t stray from that hard fought and won, blood, sweat and tears-forged path just because Evan clearly worked out and his handsome face as well as his magnificent body could easily drive her to distraction. His tall, lean, muscular frame apparent underneath his black colored “Black and Yellow” Wiz Khalifa t-shirt, and slightly baggie dark blue jeans. He towered over her 5’4” height, so he was likely at least 6’2”.


His tan skin always reminded her of smooth, creamy peanut butter. His boyish grin with perfectly straight, white teeth could nearly make her heart stop when he flashed it at anyone, but especially when it was coupled with his focus exclusively on her. Rena knew Evan was the kind of man who could easily make her a goner.


Rena also knew she couldn’t afford to be seen as weak, like some silly, simpering, swooning little high school girl with her first crush on a boy.


There was too much at stake with her career. She’d always opted for practical and professional so one major way for her to be taken seriously had always been to stay as far away from office affairs, gossip and politics as much as she possibly could. Rena didn’t care about coming off as a frigid bitch. That was how she’d built such a solid reputation in the last nearly seven years. She wasn’t an office flirt or a tease. She was quite simply a consummate professional.


However, every time Evan was around, he unnerved her, made her feel wanton and sexy with the way his eyes appraised her from head to toe so admiringly. Other men looked at her with desire, so they were easy to dismiss. Rena knew without a doubt that there was no substance behind any of those leers. There was something much more authentic about Evan though.


It was like he didn’t just want sex from her, but he also wanted to get to know the real her. As if he could be the half African-American and half Asian version of Adonis, a sultry man and her personal knight in shining armor that she could allow to seduce her then proceed to actually lose her heart to…


No! Rena definitely couldn’t have that. She couldn’t even let her mind begin to wonder down that road. She didn’t want to entertain that possibility because no one would get in the way of what she’d worked so hard to build. So she kept right on staring at Evan now, defiantly, but completely in silence. Firmly in control of this situation.


When the silence seemed to grow into a dense, tense, drama-filled, nearly unbearable force serving only to divide them further, Evan finally spoke. He did not, however, look away. He stared at her, unblinkingly and decided to go for the most direct approach. “So why is it that you hate me again? I like to think of myself as a pretty stand up kind of guy. I try to go out of my way not to offend anyone, yet you still seem to have a problem with me. Why?”


Rena stared right back at him, her glare so fierce, especially now that he’d asked his question that Evan was glad looks really couldn’t kill. “Not that I owe you any explanations, but I’m sure you’ve been on this planet long enough to realize that not all people get along well. Even when they have to work together.”


“Aww,” he said and paused briefly as though contemplating her words, before adding, “So you admit you don’t have a good reason to be biased against me? So then you’re simply being immature? Or have I actually done something unknowingly that’s causing a problem between us?”


He paused again briefly, his heart pounding so loudly in his chest he worried that she could hear it as he outwardly kept his composure, but still slid just a few inches closer to her. “Because if I have done something that’s made you angry, I would really like the opportunity to fix it.”


It was then that Evan flashed Rena another of his killer smiles that made her think that he should be a model for tooth paste ads. Or any type of model. His stunning looks reminded her suddenly of the NFL player Will Demps, though she wasn’t sure why she hadn’t seen that previously. No matter, she could still handle this.


Just because her hormones were screaming at her to do something she would undoubtedly regret later, didn’t mean she couldn’t keep her cool under pressure. No way was she going to go sit on Evan’s lap and rub her body all over his or throw him down to the floor so they could spread out and have more room to…


“Look, not everyone is as easily amused or charmed by play boy pretty boys like you. I’m only here to do my job, not make friends.”


Evan had stopped smiling upon hearing her words and even looked at her now with some concern on his face.


“Everyone needs friends Rena. But I’m not asking you to become my best friend right now, since I know you’d likely refuse outright anyway. It’s just that I’ve noticed how you’ve repeatedly gone out of your way to ignore me or if not, to be downright rude to me and constantly have an attitude with me specifically. If you were so unpleasant to everyone else, I would just assume that you’re grumpiness was part of your general antisocial personality. But since I already know that’s not the case, then I have to assume that you think I’m special for some reason. I’m simply interested in knowing why.”


Their staring game continued as Rena merely shrugged. Evan didn’t appear to be particularly off put by her ensuing silence before he tried again, approaching her verbally from a different angle this time. “So what kind of food do you like?”


“Spicy,” she replied, as if on autopilot, before she’d even had time to think about her response. Interestingly, something about any kind of heat and Evan in the same context, sent her pulse fluttering in an even more staccato fashion. Especially because she could see a spark in his eyes now that ran deep. So deep, it threatened to erupt into pure flame, igniting a desire so ardent that it seemed to reach out and touch her, sending liquid arousal straight to her crotch. Damn! This whole staying detached and seemingly unaffected façade wasn’t going nearly as well as she would’ve liked.


Fine. If he wanted to play a game of linguistic sparring, she was up for that. She hoped…


Spicy. Wild. Exotic. Erotic. Rena’s one word had created a series of word associations in Evan’s brain and subsequently, he was conjuring up all kinds of delicious scenarios involving the Indian beauty in front of him. All of them involved both of them being completely naked with sumptuous, decadent food he wanted to lick and eat off of her body.


Combining the foodie in him with his intense attraction to this mysterious woman was doing things to him that was making him all kinds of crazy at the moment. Not to mention that whatever pheromones she had that impacted his ability to create a coherent, rational thought had thoroughly high-jacked his brain.


“And what kind of music do you like?” he asked trying for more neutral conversational territory.


“The sensual kind, anything that’s rhythmic and seductive. Something that can really get me moving,” she replied in a way that was almost daring him to get ensnared in the challenging game of verbal innuendo they’d begun to play with one another.


Instead of allowing her to get off the hook, they maintained the intense eye contact as Evan slid even closer to Rena.


“And your favorite color?”


“Anything that looks good wrapped around and clinging to my body.”


Still keeping eye contact, Evan smoothly glided even closer to her. By now, their knees were nearly touching. The awareness between the two of them was growing exponentially, blazing like a wild, out of control fire. Before he could think better of it, Evan reached over and lightly touched her knee where it was barely revealed from the hem of her bland, conservative, beige dress.


He continued to move his hand ever so slightly, creeping his fingertips up her leg until he was stroking a small part of her inner thigh.


Rena’s eyes widened dramatically now, though whether from being appalled at his forward actions or from anticipation, she couldn’t really tell. Okay, so maybe it was the latter…


Evan’s touch felt so good, so magical, so sinfully indulgent to her that it was like his fingers had been predestined to gently caress her bare skin precisely at this moment. The warmth from his hand was magnetic, electric, just right and oh so amazing. She wondered if it would be that incredible when he touched her everywhere else too…


“You know, if I had to hazard a guess, I might begin to think that you don’t really dislike me at all. That maybe all of your frontin’ in the last two years since we’ve both worked here together has been an effort to maintain some professional distance.


And I get that. But Rena, aren’t you ready to take a chance? To risk doing something crazy and exciting, even if it is a bit daring, maybe even reckless, because you know, I mean really, really know deep down that it’ll all be worth it in the end?”


Rena could feel it, her resistance collapsing and melting away in this moment under the persuasion of Evan’s words and coaxing, silky voice, not to mention the gentle caresses of his hand still on her leg. If she let him in though, she knew she would never be the same.


She could already sense that the power of the passion he was promising her would forever hereafter alter her neat, boxed-in little life. Rena hadn’t ever believed in coloring outside the lines before. She’d always followed all the rules to the letter, hiding all her fears and insecurities behind her competent composure.


Yet right here and right now where there was no need to continue the masquerade any longer, least of all with herself, Rena began to believe that it might be possible. That she might be able to walk on the wild side with this ultra-hot video game designer with the BlacKorean swag. Evan could help her let her imagination run free, let her mind take a break while for once in her life, somebody else was in the driver’s seat.


She had to let go and give herself over to the sensations that were overwhelming her and threatening her with both emptiness and disappointment if she failed to seize this unanticipated opportunity. If nothing else, she had to satisfy her own curiosity and see where this night would take the two of them.


So as they both stopped talking and began instead to simply feel, both Rena and Evan’s eyes drifted shut before their lips embraced and sealed upon each other’s.


Then just like that, as quick as a blink, the night was now headed in a completely different direction than either of them had previously imagined possible.





About the Author:  CeCe Monét is a California native, residing in her hometown in the South Bay Los Angeles metro area. She loves the synergy between men and women which she captures in her contemporary romantic stories as well as poetry. She also has an affinity for the unusual including the paranormal and urban fantasy genres. Much of her writing focuses on the true essence of human nature via the choices people make when faced with unexpected circumstances as well as mixed cultures, biracial, interracial/multiracial and race relations matters.


“My family has some mixed race ancestry, so I think my background has influenced me to always look at race-related identity issues and how these factors can impact romantic involvements. Besides, I’m a sociologist, so I’m always trying to better understand people and culture and how society relates to human interactions and individual worldviews.”






What Would You Do?

In yet another too-fun-to-resist video from this great series, comes an experiment in overt racism, in which a woman wearing a Hijabis discriminated against royally while others, in the majority, look on.

A Muslim woman wearing hijab
A Muslim woman wearing hijab (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For anyone who doesn’t know what a hajib is, just look at the picture to your right. Doesn’t look scary at all, right? About as offensive as a t-shirt with an American flag on it, or a guy with a cowboy hat on, right? Well, to see a few examples of this type of discrimination, check out the video below.

What happens? Does anyone stand up to the racist clerk? Would you?





Is Sexual Harassment Different from the Perspective of Black Women?

I recently came across (what I feel is) an important article by Kunbi Tinuoye writing for TheGrio, pointing out a facet of sexual harassment that is often (if not always) overlooked, that fact that when black women suffer sexual harassment they must also deal with oppression that combines race with gender.

photo: Rashod

Additionally, the article points out, black women may be less likely to seek help or complain about inappropriate workplace conduct due to the perceived status at work, difficulty in finding employment in general (when compared to white women) and economic disadvantage.

Here’s a link to the full piece:



IT Interview: Jerry “JT” Tran


Jerry “JT” Tran is quite simply a “mack daddy.” He has transformed his own life and has successfully built a financially rewarding career out of helping others do the same thing; by teaching otherwise shy or reserved men the secrets to

JT Tran
JT Tran (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Smooth like butter, baby.

attracting women.

He’s been called everything from the “multicultural pickup artist,” (from his corporate website The ABCs of Attraction), to the “Asian Playboy” by television programs on NBC and ABC.

JT Tran has bootcamps across the globe; training men in New York, LA, Boston, and Toronto.

He’s written books, has multiple offices, and has built an empire to envy. He’s even given lectures at great ivy league institutions such as Yale University, the University of Chicago, and Wharton’s School of Business.

Interrace Today recently interviewed Mr. Tran to get some background:

1. You started out as a spacecraft systems engineer. How and why did you transition from such a highly-specialized technical career to what you’re doing now, (which is also a highly-specialized career)?

JT: I was a very traditional Asian son. I studied hard, went to college, and got a job.

Over time I realized I wasn’t really advancing in my job place even though I was busting my ass and seeing my peers surpass me, not through quality of work, but quality of their networking abilities.

Everyone around me seemed to be getting promoted for doing less work. I began to realize that this was because I was Asian, quiet, and not outgoing. I got fed up with a 9 to 5 that wasn’t fulfilling me emotionally, socially, or monetarily. I discovered the pick up community on the internet and it became an outlet and a savior for me.

I learned a skill set that set me apart from the “average” guy. It freed me from the stereotypes and constraints of being a passive drone archetype and having to settle for second or even third best.

I started probably the first Asian American dating blog, before the whole blog thing was even popular and my career sort of spring boarded from there.

2. There are alot of offensive stereotypes about Asian men that persist today. Do you feel that they can ever become self-fulfilling for Asian men in particular?

JT: I believe both the media and some Asian guys are are our own worse enemies. It’s very easy for Asians to buy into the limiting beliefs that are being fed to them in the media and society. I’ve met a ton of Asians who actually perpetuate these stereotypes and misunderstandings.

I try my best, in my industry, to dissolve these rumors, myths, and stereotypes by being a positive masculine role model so that Asians as a whole, can finally be a confident group.

3. How did you switch careers and then build your media business to what it is now?

JT: To be honest, a lot of what I have learned was through a self-taught, trial by fire method. I read a lot on business and marketing and made a lot of mistakes along the way. I also saw what was working for others, even in different industries, and made it my own. It wasn’t an overnight transition-it was over several years that I was able to build up my image and brand.

4. How long did the process of building your business to what it is today take from when the idea first came to you? Did you have a mentor? Do you have any suggestions for aspiring minority entrepreneurs who would like to emulate your success?

JT: I initially did have a pick up artist mentor, but not necessarily a business mentor. I’m still growing my business every year and have not yet reached my ultimate goals. But from quitting my job as an engineer to actually being able to survive and flourish on a daily basis, I’d say the process took about three years of blood, sweat, and tears and a recession!

My advice to anyone growing a business would be, don’t be afraid to make mistakes!! That’s how you learn the most! Also, you have to be cautious, but no one ever got anywhere by playing it safe. It’s also important to brand yourself right away and see what niche you can fit into.

5. Interracial dating is still taboo to many people. What can be done to open more hearts and minds and create a more open dating arena?

JT: Well, I feel like I’m opening more hearts and minds everyday through my company, it’s message, writing, and speaking. No matter how hard anyone tries, there is always going to be racial prejudice.

For many people, it goes generations deep and will not be undone overnight. I think it’s important to stay positive in my own way as well as open minded to why some people may have these prejudiced opinions. By understanding their motives, I can better assess my approach to dispelling their feeling on the matter.

6. Has the need for your services increased or decreased with the economic down-turn?

JT: When everything started tanking around 2008, I was naturally concerned. In my head I was thinking, “Who’s going to be worried about self-improvement during these times?”

However, I was shocked to see that there was no downturn in my business, there was actually a spike. It’s one of those pleasant surprises that you secretly hope for, but don’t expect. We’ve garnered more positive publicity than most of our peers in the industry.

The media portrays these companies as womanizing,exploitative, misogynists, but we’ve been fortunate enough to being very well received. I’ve been invited as a special guest speaker to Harvard, Yale, and Wharton not to mention being featured on ABC’s Nightline. All of which have been positive and hopefully inspiring experiences. I consider our services a personal investment and I think a lot of guys were thinking the same way.

7. China has a disproportionate male to female ratio, and Japan does as well to a different extent. Why do you feel those inequalities exist and do you see that developing in other countries as well? Does one gender have a mathematical advantage in terms of negotiating? Are you received differently by different ethnic groups or do you have more clientele from any particular group?

JT: A lot of inequality has to do, in part, to China’s One Child Policy. There was a huge amount of female infanticide that will have long lasting consequences not simply today, but in future generations to come. The one child policy is going to catch up to China very quickly because that generation is going to come to maturity around 2020. There is going to be an even larger gap between the number of males vs. females.

There is a long-standing idea among Asians that male children are somehow better-perhaps because they carry on the family name-among other things. I believe this gender gap is going to result in more Asian males traveling to other countries to find a wife simply because there won’t be enough females in their countries.

Our clientele is very diverse. Of course we get a lot of Asian students because I’m Asian. However, we get all types of races and cultures.

8. Do you actively measure a success ratio? If yes, what is it?

JT: A lot of what we teach is immeasurable. Each student progresses at his own pace, some are naturals and some will take a little more work. I can list off who kissed a girl on a bootcamp or which alums have gotten married because of the skills they learned on a bootcamp. But a lot of what we teach is for personal growth and is individual.

To me, success is taking a lot of these shy, socially awkward guys, and making them come out of their shells. It’s amazing to see the progression of success form night one of our class to night three.

9. Do you work with women as well as men, or just men? Would you consider working with other groups such as gay men or gay women or other minority groups?

JT: We already work with a large range of minorities. As for females-what we teach in particular can’t really be transferred over to females. It just doesn’t work. The same could be said for the gay and lesbian crowd. Even though we are teaching men how to approach women, our techniques wouldn’t work for a woman to approach a woman because the dynamics are different.

I think it’s important to be very good at what you do and for me to branch out into other areas of seduction would be a disservice. Maybe in time we’ll branch out to offer different service products, but not now.

10. Have you ever considered matchmaking or hosting a reality program?

JT: Naturally my company gets equated to matchmaking and dating service sites but we don’t do that. I don’t think I’d really like to get involved in that. I like teaching guys how to have choice in whomever they want to talk to. I’ve been approached to do television, but I am a private person. I don’t think I could live with someone constantly following me around with a camera. I like to keep my work life and private life very separate.

Hats off to Jerry “JT” Tran.


Below are a few videos featuring JT Tran. First there’s a story about him on Nightline, then a few videos of him at Yale:

JT on Nightline:



From Yale:








On anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in Europe

Could the Holocaust, or an event similar to it, occur again in modern times?


It’s a question many have mocked, called “impossible,” or refused to even acknowledge, yet surely the sociological and psychological factors that fueled the rise of antisemitism prior to World War II existed long before the Holocaust, and has of course survived long after.

Just as many white people don’t feel comfortable discussing slavery and racism in America, those who fanned the flames of antisemitism or have doubts as to whether or not the Holocaust actually occurred (despite the mountains of actual empirical evidence and eye-witness testimony under oath) may not want to acknowledge, that as sad and as unfortunate as it may be, antisemitism and European culture seem to be an inseparable couple with a long history of quarreling and then reuniting during tough economic conditions.

In an interesting piece by Sara Farris of Al Jazeera, the author discusses possible commonalities between the rise of antisemitism prior to the Holocaust and the recent rise of Isalmaphobia.

Is there a causal relationship? Personally, I don’t see it materializing yet. But “yet” is a big word when discussing the spread of racism and discrimination.

You tell me.


English: Rows of bodies fill the yard of Lager...
English: Rows of bodies fill the yard of Lager Nordhausen, a Gestapo concentration camp. עברית: שורות של גופות מאות אסירים בחצר מחצה הריכוז נורדהאוזן. בתמונה נראות פחות ממחצית הגופות של האסירים שמתו ברעב או ביריות אנשי הגסטפו. Italiano: File di cadaveri di prigionieri riempiono il cortile del lager di Nordhausen, un campo di concentramento dalla Gestapo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






Are More Black Women Going Bald?

Two more friendly Chicago Police officers
Two more friendly Chicago Police officers (Photo credit: yooperann). They don’t look mean to us!

It looks as though more sistas are losing their hair, which really isn’t a major surprise given the number of chemicals needed to “relax” hair that’s already stressed-out and uptight (in many cases literally).

Here’s an article we found on the topic of black hair care and what women can do to keep their lovely tresses nice and moist and rooted in their scalps. If you think the article is full of stuffing, let us know, and what your best hair care practices are.

We kind of favor lots of gentle moisturizing and the lovely coconut TCB spray they used to have (no gherri juice around the couch if you please as it stains the pillow cases).

Anyway, here’s the link.

Miss Latina Universo Postponed

According to our friends over at the Latin Times, Ms. Latina Universo has been postponed until further notice.

Sharon Amador
Sharon Amador (Photo credit: jorgemejia)

We at Interrace Today can’t imagine why the program would be put on hold. Surely it could be produced as an alternative to “the Bacheloretette” or another cycle of “Top Model” programs. If there’s lack of interest, we’d suggest getting the People’s Court judge to be a co-host along with George Lopez to add some vim to the program. But then again, we’re not being paid for our input, either.


What is up with “Divas and Cocktails?”

You know at a website called Interrace Today, we’re down with the brown, cool with my Jewish brothers and sisters, and hip with all my Asian followers.

We recently ran across a series on YouTube-land called “Divas and Cocktails,” (two things you typically don’t want to mix together and then be around, now). We’re still trying to figure the videos out.

Here we have a nice little video of some yentas (um, excuse me) reality TV sistas discussing spouses appearing on their programs.

Black Women, Black Hair, Interracial Dating
Uh-huh, you know he did, girl!

“Whatever you have that’s not on a solid foundation is going to collapse when it’s under a miscroscope,” amen, Sister.

Sistergirl Devotional Reading

Carol Mackey, author of Sistergirl Devotionals Keeping Jesus in the Mix  is here giving a reading from her new book at a Harlem bookstore.

Let us know what you think of Sister Carol, her stories and journey of Editor of Black Expressions Book Club to speaker/writer.

Carol Mackey, Joy Bramble, Linda Duggins, and ...
Carol Mackey, Joy Bramble, Linda Duggins, and Victoria Christopher Murray (Photo credit: mosaicbooks)

South African’s Black Hair Business Booming

What’s it like to visit Africa or the capital city of Johannesburg in South African? Looks like it’s pretty modern and hip compared to the United States. And just like the United States, black hair is big business, with billions in revenue up for grabs to whomever is the most organized and with the most resources to nap that business.

photo: Kris Krug

From weaves to braids, to real hair or lace front wigs, to extensions to great-looking salons, they’ve got it going on for black hair care and black hair products.

Here’s an article on the topic I read.

How Racist Are You? The Event

If you have never heard of Jane Elliot, she’s a tough-as-nails former teacher who gives unbelievably powerful talks and workshops on racism around the world. She deserves massive respect for the work she’s been doing for decades upon decades. She’s been on Oprah and on a UK television program called “The Event.” This is a program you’re not likely to ever see re-packaged for US audiences (unless it’s on daytime talk TV).

Here it is, again, very powerful and worth a double-take. Can you imagine a high school sociology class (or even a college class) watching this? How many heads would roll? Very powerful and we dare you to watch and get engaged with it.




Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey (Photo credit: Alan Light)

Watch “Dark Girls” Documentary

Black beauty
Black beauty (Photo credit: San Diego Shooter). There’s no way this woman could be considered beautiful, right?

Gotta love YouTube. After watching the heart-breaking documentary “Dark Girls” about how prevalent self-defeating brain-washing is among black people and black women in particular, we found out it’s offering on YouTube for free, and for watching wherever and whenever you want. What if interracial and black women meetup.com groups around the world could watch this and openly discuss it? How many eyes would be opened?

It’s a powerful documentary to say the least (albeit with a tacky website full of ads for skin lightening cream ironically enough). But here is the documentary in full. Watch it, tell us what you think, get active and tell others about it. Time to stop the lies about black feminine beauty.






Anti-Semitism Seen as “Pervasive”

Cover of "The Diary of Anne Frank"
Cover of The Diary of Anne Frank

You’d think after all the Holocaust movies, all the kids forced to read the “Diary of Anne Frank” (and rightfully so), Americans would know about the Holocaust, know that it must have occured to have video, textual and eye-witness verification. But apparently eating too much junk food erodes brain matter, at least in the US where the school system has been on the skids for decades now.

An article from “The Jewish Week” tells us that not only is the future dark, it’s also dumb as a post. The article cites an ADL (Anti Defamation League) poll indicating that “Anti-Semitic stereotypes are so pervasive that fully 26 percent of adults surveyed worldwide — representing an estimated 1.09 billion adults — are ‘deeply infected,’ even though 70 percent have never met a Jew.”

Anti-Semitism (the hatred of Jews and Jewish culture) is so rampant and widespread that almost every person who isn’t a Jew thinks Jews are all rich or somehow members in an NWO type of secret society that rules the planet (or at least the US) behind closed doors, the poll seems to indicate.

Yes, I’m exaggerating somewhat for the sake of pointing out extreme views that aren’t based on reality or factual support (who needs that?), but it’s quite shocking for any Jew to read and certainly for non-Jews to read and understand. We don’t all rule the world, have huge sums of cash (Interrace Today would be alot slicker and get alot more hits I can assure you if that were the case) or sit around counting pennies all day long.

It’s a rather disheartening poll to say the least but one nonetheless that everyone should read and be aware of.


Austin Anti-Defamation League Presents: True C...
Austin Anti-Defamation League Presents: True Colors – Celebrate Diversity, See With Your Heart (Photo credit: Do512.com). Oy vey!


Australian Program Explores Interracial Marriages

Having never visited Australia, I can’t really speculate on what it’s like there in terms of diversity and the openness of interracial dating and marriage. Certainly there must be some ethnic diversity there since you have aboriginal natives in the Outback who have been there for quite some time (and again I’m showing my lack of knowledge on Australia). Beautiful vistas, great location on the map, lots of global warming probably coming their way, but other than that, I honestly don’t know much about them or what to expect.

photo: Sabine Mondestin

According to this link, there’s a program in Australia, or rather a network it seems called SBS. On that network there’s a regular program called Insight and the article (which is linked to) we read is referring to an episode of the Insight program that discusses interracial dating and interracial marriage in Australia.

Since it’s not on YouTube or Vimeo (that we can find), we can’t copy and paste it into this space but if you’d like to watch this Aussie show and let us know what you think of it, and how “insight” differs from US perceptions of interracial dating and interracial marriage, please do so. We’d love to hear from our readers!




Here’s the link to watch the program. It’s approximately 51 minutes in length.









Australia (Photo credit: Kenny Teo (zoompict))


Loving Day Flagship Celebration Coming Up in NY

New York New York
New York New York (Photo credit: aftab.)

According to the Loving Day website, LovingDay.org, there is a flagship celebration coming up.

Here are the details for those in the Big Apple and ready to embrace the annual celebration of interracial love, and the trials and tribulations the Lovings overcame simply so they could be together.

Date and Time:
  • 06/14/2014 – 3:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Solar 1
Address Line 1:
  • East River Waterfront at East 23rd St
  • New York
State (if you are in the U.S.A):
  • Seal of New York.
    Seal of New York. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    New York

United States

Do Chinese Believe That Jews Control the US?

Kaïfeng Jews (Honan), or chinese jews. End of ...
Kaïfeng Jews (Honan), or chinese jews. End of the XIXe century, or begining of the XXe century. Caption read: “©JewishEncyclopedia.com” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to a recent piece in TabletMag.com, by Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore, it is widely believed throughout China that Jews in fact run the United States of America. Jews run the show, dominating mass media and financial markets. The author goes on to state that popular books line Chinese bookstore shelves on how to make money the ways Jews do, how to turn quick profits to be just like Jews and so on.

Beautiful Asian Woman Thinking
photo: epSos.de

Now, having never been to China, much less traversed China, I have no way of definitively knowing whether or not this is accurate and factual. If it is factual, it’s kind of mind-blowing that one of the most powerful (if not the most powerful) nation on Earth has such a view of Jews that is so widespread. If it’s not true, than the speculative claims need to be clarified and corrected…but we don’t know if this is true or not.

Perhaps one of our dear readers can shed light on Chinese antisemitism? Or is it antisemitism, but misinformed adulation?

6 Lessons Learned from Interracial Dating

I recently came across a post on a site called I Am Not the Nanny.com. Yeah, I don’t get the joke, either, but I enjoyed the piece on interracial dating and agreed with much of it. Anyone who dares to date, (much less open themselves up emotionally and intellectually to the point where they can fall in love) outside their “race” you have to admire (at least we do at Interrace Today). 271185652_80_80

It’s a cute piece but one that can also be encouraging and uplifting to some. So, here’s the link to the piece on her perspective toward interracial dating. What do you think about her points and do you agree? Have you had similar experiences out there?

Should We Celebrate Interracial Relationships?

A recent article in The Voice has two differing opinions on the topic (and question at hand).

English: Interracial married couple with Hmong...
English: Interracial married couple with Hmong traditional clothing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first black woman answers that “no” interracial relationships are not to be celebrated at all, even going so far as to indicate that said relationships make her “blood boil,” (which sounds pretty intense if you think about what it would take to boil your blood although we know she doesn’t mean it literally). She equates an interracial couple happily conversing with rapes that occured during slavery times. Yes, rape did occur during slavery. That’s why we’re against it! But an interracial couple going out for a drink and trying to enjoy their relationship have nothing to do with violent rape other people committed. Ummm. yes, please!

The next young black woman (and yes, white men apparently don’t count, nor do people of other races, for this piece), opines that interracial relationships are okay after all and should be celebrated.

At any rate, if you think I’m getting close to my exhaustion rate at this point with caring whether or not other people approve, you’re dead-on. Here’s a link to the insightful piece if you’re interested.

Was Opposition to Interracial Marriage Motivated by Christianity?

Good question!

In this brief article, the author posits that opposition to interracial marriage was (at least to some extent) motivated by Christian propaganda, citing the books Race Mixing: Black-White Marriage in Postwar America by Renee Romano and Tell the Church I Love my Wife: Race, Marriage and Law – An American History by Peter Wallenstein and Interracial Intimacy: The Regulation of Race and Romance by Rachel Moran; all of these sounding very interesting if you have time to disseminate them all equally.

Happy Loving Day!
Happy Loving Day! (Photo credit: celestehodges)

V. Stiviano’s Interracial Revenge Porn Video Offer

Reportedly, V. Stiviano, the alleged mistress for racist Clippers owner Donald Sterling, was offered a considerable amount of money to star in a revenge interracial porn flick, with the details somewhat sketchy (big surprise).

If you’d like to learn more details on the dirt, here’s the link.

As far as Sterling is concerned, I’d expect him to hold onto the Clippers some way, some how, either through his estranged wife (dragging out divorce proceedings), begging for forgiveness enough times and in enough ways

Los Angeles Clippers
Los Angeles Clippers (Photo credit: Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com)

(other than poor Anderson Cooper looking bored) that it’s eventually dropped.