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Asian Racism

I was recently looking at some reviews on YouTube when I came across some videos that I thought....if they aren't racist certainly come awfully close to crossing that line....with such titles are "Are Chinese Girls Easy?" and "Can Asian Men Be Sexy?" and on and on. In...

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What’s Up with the Bachelorette So Far?

Not really sure what to make of the new Bachelorette. It's great that you have (finally) the first African-American female in the program's history and it's a true shame that it took roughly a decade (?) to ensure this no-brainer. The program (thus far) is a guilty...

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Black and Blond

If you have read or done basic research on peoples throughout the world, you've probably heard stories about people with dark skin yet with very light, blond hair. It's unusual in most countries but apparently does indeed exist, and for very logical reasons. Here's...

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