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On anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in Europe Could the Holocaust, or an event similar to it, occur again in modern times?   It's a question many have mocked, called "impossible," or refused to even acknowledge, yet...
Are More Black Women Going Bald? It looks as though more sistas are losing their hair, which really isn't a major surprise given the number of chemicals needed to "relax" hair that's already stressed-out and u...
Miss Latina Universo PostponedAccording to our friends over at the Latin Times, Ms. Latina Universo has been postponed until further notice.
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Sistergirl Devotional ReadingCarol Mackey, author of Sistergirl Devotionals Keeping Jesus in the Mix  is here giving a reading from her new book at a Harlem bookstore.
South African's Black Hair Business BoomingWhat's it like to visit Africa or the capital city of Johannesburg in South African? Looks like it's pretty modern and hip compared to the United States.
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How Racist Are You? The Event If you have never heard of Jane Elliot, she's a tough-as-nails former teacher who gives unbelievably powerful talks and workshops on racism around the world.
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Watch "Dark Girls" Documentary Gotta love YouTube.
Anti-Semitism Seen as "Pervasive" You'd think after all the Holocaust movies, all the kids forced to read the "Diary of Anne Frank" (and rightfully so), Americans would know about the Holocaust, know that it mu...
Australian Program Explores Interracial Marriages Having never visited Australia, I can't really speculate on what it's like there in terms of diversity and the openness of interracial dating and marriage.
Loving Day Flagship Celebration Coming Up in NY According to the Loving Day website,, there is a flagship celebration coming up.
Do Chinese Believe That Jews Control the US? According to a recent piece in, by Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore, it is widely believed throughout China that Jews in fact run the United States of America.
6 Lessons Learned from Interracial DatingI recently came across a post on a site called I Am Not the Yeah, I don't get the joke, either, but I enjoyed the piece on interracial dating and agreed with much of it.
Should We Celebrate Interracial Relationships?A recent article in The Voice has two differing opinions on the topic (and question at hand).
Was Opposition to Interracial Marriage Motivated by Christianity?Good question! In this brief article, the author posits that opposition to interracial marriage was (at least to some extent) motivated by Christian propaganda, citing the books...
V. Stiviano's Interracial Revenge Porn Video OfferReportedly, V.
William Shatner on TVs 1st Interracial KissWilliam Shatner, Captain James T.
Time Magazine Covers Interracial Romance NovelsTime magazine, one of the great old stalwarts of publishing, (which I believe is now strictly online) has published an article on the prevalence and popularity (hence profitability...
Dark Girls Documentary on NetflixThe documentary film "Dark Girls" is finally on NetFlix, and for those who don't know what the term refers to or what the documentary is about, it refers to the fact that, quite si...
Donald Sterling’s girlfriend received offer to star in interracial gangbang
Advertising Features More Gay, Interracial Families
‘Sermon from bigot who hates interracial couples?!’ Larry Elder smacks Spike Lee and the NBA
Millionaire Matchmaker on Interracial DatingWhat do you think the Millionaire Matchmaker, Pattin Stanger, thinks of interracial dating? Well, if you've seen her Bravo television program, you'd be write to believe that...
Jon Stewart takes a victory lap around Cliven Bundy's 'negro studies' debacle
High school teacher suspended after comment to interracial couple
Relationships: Racist Comments Flood Facebook Video Featuring Interracial Couple
Interracial Romance Brewing Up in the Pop Novel ‘My Chinito Boss’
UFC Will Not Offer TUF Nations Contestant a Contract After Racist Instagram Pic
He hates her previous interracial dating
Shedding ‘Light’ on Marriage: The Influence of Skin Shade on Marriage for Black Females
'Blazing Saddles,' The Best Interracial Buddy Comedy, Turns 40

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